Christina Aguilera Ripping Off Lady GaGa? Not So Say Fans

Fans of are jumping to the singer’s defense after her performance at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards prompted some to say she was ripping off Lady GaGa’s style. A clip posted at YouTube indicates that Aguilera was inspired by comic book superheroes and villains, including the Spider-Man character Black Cat and Storm from X-Men.

Update: The case being laid out at YouTube has since been removed.

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17 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Ripping Off Lady GaGa? Not So Say Fans

  1. Kyle says:

    Of course she wasn’t ripping her off, its not like Lady GaGa invented blonde bangs or futuristic outfits or something.

  2. Jenn says:

    Christina has hardly ever been original.

  3. dfspdkfj says:

    Omg get a life….

  4. Audrey says:

    Christina is ORIGINAL…but copies others…interesting. I weep for the future.

  5. dd says:

    Please, so blonde bangs are now “Lady gaga” exclusive? Christina wore them in the Ain’t No other man video! When she had the red top and white shorts.

    Who the heck is Lady Gaga anyways?

  6. tye5 says:

    Xtina is a great singer and has put on an amazing show for years; HOWEVER, looking at this years VMAs I was convinced it was LADY GAGA I was seeing perform. Lady Gaga kicks major ass in the original and creative department. And Lady Gaga is a good sport about all this BS…

  7. cordelia says:

    First, it was Britney, then Shakira, then Marylin Monroe and now Lady Gaga and her fans are saying she’s original? Wake up and smell the coffee Christina’s fans( if there’s any).How pathetic can Christina Aguilera get?

  8. cordelia says:

    evidences tha Christina is a copycat of Britney
    1. Britney released her album Christina followed
    2. Britney did the Pepsi commercial, Christina with coke and now with Pepsi
    3. Britney endorsed Sketchers and Christina did the same
    4. Britney had her own perfume then Christina with her own
    5, Britney loved Justin and Justin loved Britney. Christina tried desperately to have Justin but did not succeed.
    6. Britney had married life, Christina followed
    7. Britney made a successful comeback which Christina failed to do.

  9. hollywood108 says:

    let me say this nobody is coping this style it is in now, I had bangs since I was a kid and you don’t hear me saying that their coping off me.
    this is nobody’s style everyone and mama hair has been like that and XTINA is not or has ever copied off anybody so shut the fu** up about this sh** and go get a life .she has never copied B. Spears she don’t even do things Britney does I guess she going to get on crack and spend all her money why on some loser.

    [reply to hollywood108]

  10. Biia says:


    Come on! Wake up! Britney is such a b**ch!!

    1-1. Britney released her album Christina followed
    1- What album? Hah! Just think about it, in the album Circus, she totally copied Christina in Back to Basics -.- (Circus – released 2008 ; B to B – released 2006).
    2-2. Britney did the Pepsi commercial, Christina with coke and now with Pepsi.
    2- I call it, hmm… let me see… publicity, fu** you! Now, just Britney can do Pepsi commercials? ooh please!!
    3-3. Britney endorsed sketchers and Christina did the same
    3- I can’t believe you said that -.- -.- -.- ¬¬
    4-4. Britney had her own perfume then Christina with her own
    4- A lot of celebrities have perfumes, as J. Lo, Gwen, Madonna, Mariah, Britney Spears, And Christina, you as**ole…
    5-5., Britney loved Justin and Justin loved Britney. Christina tried desperately to have Justin but did not succeed.
    5- YOU FU**IN BI**H!! She never did that, and if she did, tell me, when? Because I never heard about it!
    6-6. Britney had married life, Christina followed
    6- Now marriage its just for Britney???? And as Hollywood108 said, Christina IS STILL MARRIED you fu**in a**hole!!
    7-7. Britney made a successful comeback which Christina failed to do.
    7- That’s because she never went away!!! Shes always there, but Britney its a drunk, irresponsible and crazy person!


    You want me to continue??? Because I can do it all day long ;)

    Bye Bitch Cordelia!!

  11. Zebas says:

    I just wanna say watch this! it shows the truth !

  12. Annoyed says:

    Okay so your saying that Christina came out first Christina came out first but somehow Lady Gaga has copied her all these years!?!?!? I’m in my 23 and don’t have time for this but Lady gaga pisses me off. What she comes out is new and thinks already can talk mess about previous stars. She ain’t that pretty and her voice is altered alot. I mean she’s not ugly but she ain’t no Britney or Christina with her raunchy dressing and dancing self.

  13. Bruc says:

    ok I agree with you Annoyed Britney and lady…. I don’t remember her name are Big BITCHES and its wrong to compare Christina Aguilera with their!!!

  14. Kristy says:

    Who honestly cares? It’s a hairstyle, people. Even if Christina did copy, trends happen. Lady Gaga can’t just expect to walk out in public and not have anyone want the same clothes, make-up, or hairstyle as her. Lady Gaga is very expressive, and I love the way she dresses, but if Christina has the same hair cut, no one truly needs to jump on the wagon just assuming she copied her or something.
    It’s a haircut. If you got it, the world wouldn’t freak out about you having it.

  15. Bee says:

    Haha oh wow. I am sick of people running around, saying that Lady GaGa is actually worth copying. Christina Aguilera had that look with her hair before Lady CaCa came out. She can shut her ugly face. And don’t dare say she copies Brittney Spears, they both were in the Micky Mouse club at the same time… Duh bitch! Brittney’s career just took off before Christina’s, sh** happens. And I pointed the circus theme out to my friend Jonny, because we are always fighting who is the better woman, but we both agree Lady CaCa sucks. She tries way to hard to be “original,” I mean Pink can pull originality off, and has been doing it for years. Who is this Lady CaCa to come around and pretend like she invented a fashion trend. Seriously, not to mention she can’t sing live worth sh**. Christina Aguilera can, I mean look at her video from when she was a kid. She had the amazing voice she still does, without altering it. I am so sick of people trying to even compare the two, like they say you’re “comparing filet mignon to a cheeseburger,” and Christina Aguilera is definitely the filet mignon in this case.

  16. Rachael says:

    I hate Lady Gaga.

  17. Scuro says:

    GaGa is a joke, she has no talent. If she tried to sing unplugged it would sound like a cat in a blender. As for the “look” GaGa took it from Christian, who got it from Madonna, who probably got it from Cher. Neither Christina or gaga was are original. However, Christina is very talented, but only does the music she wants to do and sometimes that is not that is “Trendy” at the time. Christina will still be around long after the gaga fad is gone.

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