Christina Aguilera Rocks In The UK

In contrast to people saying that has been forgotten, once again, UK proves that it is not real. Being the most popular female singer in the UK, Christina is in the top twenty for weeks with two singles even jumps back to top 10 with ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’ which is considered to be a brilliant song by many critics.

She did it again. ‘Car Wash’ is still in the top 20, after its 9th week in the chart, which is a great success for a single which was a little side project that Christina was involved in. ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’ jumped to top ten in its 6th week in the chart. It is now obviously seen that Christina Aguilera’s new album will debut at number 1 in the UK. ‘Car Wash’ and ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’ have proved that the tasteful UK customer loves more than any other pop artist. Two years after its release, ‘Stripped’ still appears in the UK album chart. For example, it is at number 38 this week, it even reached number 13 a little time ago. It was a brilliant album and whatever she makes is welcome in the UK. She rocks with her voice, appearance, moves.

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