Christina Aguilera Sells Out Six Australia Concerts reports six of the seven shows for Australia have sold out, leaving the 3rd Melbourne show the only one still with seats. For fans who are yet to buy tickets will now have to consider a trip to Melbourne if they don’t live in the city. “And don’t think we’re adding any more shows because Christina definitely has to go home after the 17th,” promoter Michael Gudinski said.

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8 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Sells Out Six Australia Concerts

  1. GoingUnderr says:

    LMAO! Australia are such whores.. Gosh! who would want to see that thing perform other than retards? Geez, she only agreed to head over to Adelaide because they offered her a hotdog LMAO! How easy and cheap is she?

  2. Tig says:

    Christina is making that money…….Australia is a very conservative county, so Christina better put those chaps away before they stone her. With her sexy self

  3. Mimi_Red says:

    LOL…the masses in Europe are smarter than around here… She’s and INTERNATIONAL STAR and the biggest thing over in Europe and Australia. Anyways it was about time she got the recognition she deserves!

  4. elgato says:

    6 shows in Australia? wow, 30 whole people will see her perform.

  5. hotstuff says:

    The one word that comes to mind when I see Christina’s name and concert in the same sentence is 7,000 people.

  6. grace_04 says:

    Amazing! Good job for Christina! Australia loves her!

  7. jimmypee says:

    Nick Carter couldn’t sell out a piss up at a brewery, so I don’t know why you’re trying to be funny.

    funny..the one word that comes to mind when I see your posts is’, ‘”idiot” you see, 7000 was in Stockholm, where they moved the venue at the last minute from a 7000 capacity arena to a 10000 capacity one. forget the fact that Britney couldn’t even justify performing in places like Sweden. ;) rest assured, the ones in Australia are larger venues. anything to say, idiot?

  8. hellahooked says:

    It’s real easy to sell out a show in Australia. Heck even John Mayer, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Eminem and Avril sold out here. Australia doesn’t really love her. They think she is a slut who is ugly (well, my area) and they like her songs because it’s like R&B.

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