Christina Aguilera Shopping At Christian Lacroix

was photographed shopping at a Christian Lacroix store in Paris, France on July 8th, carefully ensuring that her arm in a cast was concealed.

Pictures at have since been removed.

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8 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Shopping At Christian Lacroix

  1. popfan_23 says:

    omg those shoes are hella-gorgeous, and that outfit is hot, but that hairstyle isn’t working for me cause I don’t like the front, but everything else is on point.

  2. TotallyBitchassing says:

    She needs new help for her hair. I looks so dried out and the style does not work on her. Christina not sophisticated. Why is she trying to be? Did she get Lindsay Lohan’s delusion?

  3. malibu says:

    shes trying to look sophisticated but shes got it all wrong! I was hoping she was done with the bleached blonde look, she needs to tone down the hair, and the outfit is great, but I think she should zip the jacket abit its classy meets trashy that shes got the bra showing through her shirt. the shoes are great except those circle thingys on the side. she looks good, but these are the things I would’ve done differently..

  4. Starlet01 says:

    I love everything about her outfit, just don’t like the hair style. She needs to dye it a darker shade of blonde or a light – medium brown. Kind of like Ashlee Simpson’s new hair style. Christina also need a moisturizer treatment because her hair looks so dry.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Not a diss on Xtina, but I notice that for some reason most pop artists don’t seem to ever do the “classy” or “sophisticated” look very well without having to look skimpy, while actresses like Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie are right on target! I wonder why.

    Her outfit is nice, but her hair doesn’t look that hot. All in all she looks pretty good.

  6. ilovechristinaaguilera says:

    It’s the hair again. I really hope that she dyes it’, ‘another color and quits wearing that red lipstick crap. Even with the make-up caked on, she would look wayyyyyyyyyyy better by just having the carmel hair and no red lipstick.

  7. EdwardAlex says:

    Yeah I think she looks nice.. jealous that she is getting some new duds in paris. She looks very mature… just wish she would lose that pittsburgh ghetto voice

  8. Boletus says:

    I don’t know if she wants to look more mature, but actually she seems to be like 40, that hair is just crap and red shiny lipstick is only for slutty evenings not even for daylight

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