Christina Aguilera Thanks The So… The So…

The Sun reports forgot the name of her support act So Solid Crew at a concert in Copenhagen. She told the audience: “I wanna thank The So… The So… ” then collapsed in giggles and asked her guitarist the band’s name. The tabloid said Christina had a hard night because she had to get ready on her tour bus after failing to get a hotel suite in the Denmark capitol.

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9 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Thanks The So… The So…

  1. mitzim says:

    Yeah Right!!!! The Sun is so full of SH*T!!!! Like that really happened! I wish they’d find someone else to hate. But that’s okay, X-Tina’s talent can’t be denied no matter how much they hate on her!

  2. alejita says:

    Lol! funny but less embarrassing than Alanis saying “thanks Brazil” when she was in Peru :D

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Whatever… They just put her name and made this gossip so they could sell.

  4. babet says:

    Well……it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve had those memory lapses from time to time…… you forget the most obvious things.. happens to everybody.

  5. jimmypee says:

    lol! cool! they don’t deserve for her to remember their name. at least she didn’t cover one of their songs, then not know who they were, like that mong Britney….lol

    “she can’t even get a hotel room….. I don’t even have that problem!” getting a hotel room by being a prostitute DOESN’T COUNT I’m afraid. *sniff* *sniff*…you stink.

  6. Angel_M says:

    It is true y’all…I was at the concert lol and it was damn fun when she forgot it, nobody really noticed…because we were all too busy to look at her, she was so SEXY!

  7. IamARevenant says:

    Oh yeah, I’m sure if this was Britney it would be true? Get over yourselves.

  8. perfectly-imperfect says:

    what an ungrateful douche. She should be happy anyone actually wants to open for her lame ass tour, especially since it’s not really a sell-out. Let’s face it, she can sing- but that’s all. The girl has no stage presence or any type of performance skills. Sad.

  9. xoinnocentjrtgrl says:

    Yeah I’m sure that really happened. and just because of not getting a hotel room.. that’s stupid. plus the Sun lies more than 95% of the time

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