Christina Aguilera To Appear On 106 And Park

Contributed by Dancer4Life:

Christina Aguilera’s official site reports that the singer will be on BET’s 106 & Park on Friday (August 22) at 6pm, when BET will premiere ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’.

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7 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera To Appear On 106 And Park

  1. Dancer4Life says:

    I usually don’t watch 106&Park, but I will surely be watching it tomorrow

  2. Tig says:

    You know, this hoe has guts,,,She gained some weight, got rid of the perfect girl blonde hair which was boring, and sang her ass off on Stripped….Put her on a Stage wit..Britney, Madonna, Beyonce, Mya, Pink, Lil Mo and the other hoes,,,and she’d smash them….granted she’s not looking that hot right now..but trust this girl is gonna get it together……Go to 106 N Park, an do ya thing…….But, get a stylist.

  3. xtinassister11 says:


  4. stan says:

    Tig, I agree with you. I mean even though, I love Christina to death I gotta admit she looks somewhat like a hoe. But she always put it together y’know? I mean from being the cutest little American to the most dirtiest ty n y diva, she will always be accepted by people. No matter how she looks she will be always praised because of her voice. She always has the guts to tell people what she wants and how she wants her life to be, not manufactured. Accepting Gay and Lesbian community is very rare in music and film industry. But Christina did it, that’s why she will be always be remembered. I just hope Haters realize this. I, as a Britney hater, also realized that The two divas (Britney and Christina) are gonna be remembered. Christina rox

  5. babet says:

    now the video’s gonna get even more airplay! go xtina!

  6. babet says:

    I don’t think Christina is that much of a ho. I think she only dresses like that for show to display what she’s all about or what she wants people to understand about her image. she wants to show everybody how comfortable she is with her sexuality and that she doesn’t care what people say about it. but in her daily life snap shots….she dresses like any regular person. you don’t see her wearing clothes like in her Can’t hold us down video too often. at least I haven’t yet. and Christina HAS dressed in a very classy style too. yet people only look at her more provocative clothes rather than her her conservative outfits she’s worn on the cover of some mags. people WANT to make her out to be a Ho. as for Britney…..she IS a ho. her image…what she’s all about…her damn publicity stunts and media overexposure MAKES her the ho that she is. and this is what she’s gonna be remembered by…and for starting the whole teenybopper thing. no respect there.

  7. jimmypee says:

    good to see her getting recognition from them. she’s got mad respect. Britney never will.

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