Christina Aguilera Tour Kick Off

Contributed by ballersfantasy:

I just got back from the concert in Houston and it was amazing! Danity Kane came out at 7:30 on the dot and performed about five of their songs. Soon after, the Pusycat Dolls came out to sing. They sang ‘Buttons’, ‘Beep’, ‘I Don’t Need A Man’, ‘Stickwitu’, ‘Wait A Minute’ and ‘Don’t Cha’. They also took it back with a little taste of how the Pussycat Dolls originally got it started. Carmit did a burlesque version of ‘Fever’. Melody did not perform. The other dolls said she was out sick. Once they were done, old school jazz music played as they prepared the stage for Christina to perform. A little after 9, the ‘Back To Basics’ intro played with a video showing footage of her. She then took the stage with ‘Ain’t No Other Man’. Here are the rest of the songs she sang. They are not in exact order, but I tried…. ‘Back In The Day’, ‘Understand’, ‘Come On Over’, ‘What A Girl Wants’, ‘Makes Me Wanna Pray’, ‘Slow Down Baby’, ‘Still Dirrty’, snippet of ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’, ‘Oh Mother’, ‘Enter The Circus’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Candyman’, ‘Dirrty’, a video played of ‘I Got Trouble’ as she changed, ‘Nasty Naughty Boy’, ‘Hurt’, ‘Lady Marmalade’, a video played of ‘Thank You (Dedication To Fans…)’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Fighter.’ The show was very entertaining and had many costume changes, but it flowed very nicely. Her voice was amazing. The highlight of the night was when she picked a member from the audience to tie up and tease while performing ‘Nasty Naughty Boy’. The man she picked was not shy at all and even made Christina laugh during the song and she even commented that he really was a naughty boy. Also, when she sang ‘Oh Mother’, she stopped singing halfway through the first verse and the music kept playing. It was apparent that it was too difficult for her to sing, and she had to pause and compose herself. Over all, it was a wonderful show and I think anyone who goes out will enjoy it.

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