Christina Aguilera Turns Down Robbie Williams Duet reports Christina Aguilera has turned down Robbie Williams’ request for a duet, as the Brit pop star is desperate to crack America hoping the pairing would boost his profile. “I think he’s cute,” she said. “But our styles are so different. We would not gel.” Aguilera suggested, “He should try [Mariah Carey] – she loves to duet.”

Robbie Williams Admits To Crush On The Rock

April 25, 2003 – The Mirror reports Robbie Williams is admitting to an attraction with World Wrestling Federation star The Rock. “I quite fancy The Rock,” he says. “Actually, I’d love him to throw me about a bit. He’s quite brutish and hot, don’t you think? I should be careful about saying more. He might find me and kick my ass.”

McCartney Says Robbie Beat Him To Swing Album

April 22, 2003 – In an interview with the Real Radio network, former Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney said he was planning to record a selection of Rat Pack tunes, but had to abandon the idea when Robbie did the same with chart-topper ‘Swing When You’re Winning’. “I love old standard songs,” he said. “So that’s a long-standing ambition of mine. I must say that I was shaping up to do it but then Robbie Williams went and did one and I thought, ‘Well, if I do it now it’s going to look like oh he’s just copying Robbie’.”

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