Christina Aguilera Vs. Britney Spears, Talent Vs. Sales

Contributed anonymously:

This is in response to those who think album sales are more important than recognition, talent and respect by people and the recording industry..

First, this isn’t a popularity contest. I love because she’s a uniquely gifted artist and an amazing entertainer. I don’t like her because of her record sales. And if you do want to talk about record sales. The music world does not start and end with Christina and Britney Spears. There are lots of music stars out there that sell more than Xtina/Britney and there are also lots of artists out there that sell less than Christina/Britney. Album sales just say if an artist is popular. Britney is more popular than Christina in the US. That is unimportant to me. Most of the artists that I love are not popular. Christina is more respected in the US though. Most people see Christina as a genuinely talented artist, and they see Britney as a pop tart.

About the Grammys. The Grammys are not perfect. But they are still the most prestigious award you can win if you’re a music artist. You become eligible for the recording academy when you release 6 commercial songs (I think it’s 6… could be 5, 6 or 7). At that point, they can either accept your application or reject you. If they accept you, then you can only vote in the category that you specialize in. Aretha Franklin votes in the R&B category, Sheryl Crow votes in the rock category… etc… all the recording academy members can vote in the big 5 (record of the year, song of the year, best new artist, album of the year, producer of the year). Record executives are not allowed in the academy. Because of the way the Grammy recording academy is put together, this is the most prestigious award you can win if your a music artist. The academy does have a lot of older members though, like Sheryl Crow, Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris… etc… that’s why the veterans have an advantage. The veterans usually have a lot of friends in the recording academy. When the Grammy nominations are announced, look at the full list of nominations and look at all the categories. Check out how detailed the categories are. The recording academy puts a lot of time into this award show. This award show is not like the other award shows.

I hate the fact how some biased Britney fans under-estimate her sales as well..

The breakdown:

“Christina Aguilera”- Over 5 million singles sold (GIAB, WAGW, ITTY, COOB)
NWTBL – One of the biggest selling singles of 2001. There has never been an exact figure released, but since it was in the top 5 best selling singles in Europe and sold incredibly well in the rest of the world… I’m willing to assume it at least sold 2 million copies, possibly more.
LM – Confirmed as the Biggest Selling Single of 2001 with sales of over 5.2 million copies.

Total: 12.2 million singles sold.

“Stripped” – Over 2 million confirmed for Dirrty and Beautiful. Unknown sales for Fighter and CHUD. But I’m estimating that combined, they sold at least 1 million copies worldwide. Total… 3 million.

Unknown singles from her Spanish album are not accounted for.

So I’m going to estimate that her single sales are around 15 million copies. If anyone has anything to add or correct me with, please do.

Her album sales:

Christina Aguilera – Over 13 million
Spanish and Christmas Album – 6 million
Stripped – Over 9 million

Totoal (Plus single sales) = 43 million records sold.

And don’t even suggest I’m making these ‘stripped’ sales up..

The official year-end issue of MAG Weekly will be released on November 18th 2003 and calculated the 150 Best Selling Albums ( Nov. 1 2002 – October 31, 2003):

1 Come Away With Me Norah Jones 12,821,000
2 Let Go 11,736,000
3 Up! Shania Twain 11,183,000
4 Get Rich Or Die Trying 50 Cent 8,789,000
5 Stripped 8,643,000

Well well well, only a rough 10 million gap, not as large as some of you claim it is. And it’s no surprise since Britney released more main Albums. Of course she’s going to sell more. But Christina prefers to take her time, and produce quality over quantity.

Oh and I guess you also forgot her radio success with 5 no.1 singles and top 20 songs from stripped (#2, #20, #12). That is because she has a radio friendly voice and radio friendly songs i.e. they are played on several stations; Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rhythmic etc.. People who wont be buying her album, will still be requesting a particular song they like due to the diversity in her music and the flexibility in her vocals. She appeals to a much wider audience, including the alternative crowd, the urban audience and of course pop. Britney only fits in one format – pop.

Also did you forget the music markets OUTSIDE the USA? Christina is much more successful in the UK (2nd biggest market), her stripped sales are nearing 4x platinum more than “Britney” ever sold.. Australia and the rest of Europe are also more keen of Aguilera. This mainly due to Dirrty and Christina’s full transition into adult territory and Britney’s backlash in England and Mexico last year.

So yeah.

In the end pop music is entertainment. Comparing the sales is like comparing blockbuster movies to “artistic” movies (you know the ones with subtitles ). Are blockbuster movies better because more people go watch them? Are the directors and actors better than in indie movies?

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31 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Vs. Britney Spears, Talent Vs. Sales

  1. Angelina says:

    Lol your a fool, Britney’s worldwide sales are estimated at 83 million, when it comes to Album sales Christina cannot touch Britney, at all….do better research

  2. ivan-from cabo san lucas says:

    Britney is a lot better than Christina since when screaming is considered as singing Britney does it better in the dance floor and her sales are even better so I’m afraid I’m in agreement with Angelina Christina can’t touch Britney she’s not even close to her!!!!

  3. hunter says:

    Britney sold more albums because it was more for kids in the being. Whereas Christina was attracting her age groups and older. . .Oh and some more facts come on over sold 3.8 million. Fighter sold 3.5mil. Ain’t No Other Man sold 4.8mil. Can’t Hold Us Down sold 3.8

  4. Godtina says:

    I think your right Christina Aguilera is way better artist that Britney, the sales are not important whats important is the quality of music, and those ones here that posted comments are so stupid and blind because they didn’t understand what you meant I think more people should do what you.

  5. BJudge!365 says:

    Definitely Spears! Britney’s songs are betterand he is WAY more talented and yeah Christina’s got quite the voice box but for example…

    Circus (Britney’s newest album) has debuted at number one selling over 505,000 in it’s FIRST week and entering at number…ONE!

    Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits
    (XTINA’S Newest album)
    entered at number nine with it’s single peaking at number 7 (Britney’s ‘Womanizer’ peaking at number…ONE! And her second single has just debuted in number 3!)it’s US sales are 148,680+ and it’s out since Nov. 7th!

    Lets face it no matter how good Christina’s voice is she can NEVER step out of the shadow of…

    Miss Britney Spears !!! :) No Offense to XTina’s fans!

  6. Ed says:

    I get what you’re saying about Christina but I don’t agree! The fact that Britney has sold so much is not just a question of popularity. Britney can outperform Christina in dance, in charisma, in beauty and in quality. Let’s face it, all singers have huge production teams behind them and Christina is no different. Let’s not pretend that Christina has written, produced and crafted all her own work. I find when she sings she screams and I found her dirty video to be a pathetic attempt to have Britney’s sex appeal but instead came off as raunchy, disgusting and desperate cry for the media attention only Britney can generate!

  7. Edrick says:

    I don’t agree your words ” Ed” ! Christina will never better than Britney ! I compare with their Album & songs that Britney Spears songs more attractive than Christina! I agree that Christina Aguilera voice is so strong! But Britney Spears Voice more sweet than Christina ! I love Britney voice ! Britney Can Dance , sing & also good at performance ! Britney Will always stand on the Pop Queen & will success more than Christina! Britney is stronger than yesterday forever ! That’s why Christina can’t be catch to Britney Spears forever! Briney is more beauty than the past ! Now I don’t like Christina Hair Style ! She’s is very ugly now ! Circus Album will be always on the top song & it is the most better song than Christina song” Keeps Getting better” ! Long live Briney Spears ! I will be always your fans & love you forever ! No one can touch my Britney ! May Success always crown you Britney !

  8. Junior says:

    you are a good one.. Christina Aguilera is better lets just wait and see how Britney slowly falls apart I give her 7 more years.. and Christina’s voice is only getting better .. she can just stand and sing .. Britney has to move or else she is done honey!

  9. Junior says:

    you guys are so stupid lol Christina Aguilera keeps getting better bashed Britney’s greatest hits song.. lol you guys make me sick to like Britney… a woman that not only makes fun of her fans but lol at you guys when you buy her ticket and know that she will be lip syncing the whole night lol

  10. John says:

    what’s wrong with lip syncing, gives her more time to focus on dancing and entertaining, if there was a ticket for going to see Britney just sitting on a chair for an hour I would buy it, that’s how much I love her, and say what you like about Christina having a… so called… “better”… cough* NOT! cough* voice, but Miss Spears has already had a far more successful carrier that is still going that Christina wouldn’t even dream of achieving because… well SHE NEVER WILL!!

  11. shone says:

    in response to your last paragraph, what it really comes down to is that it’s all SUBJECTIVE. everyone has a different opinion on what they think is better and more enjoyable. I don’t know about most people, but I don’t really give permission to people in the Grammys to tell me what is better or not. everyone’s entitled to their own.

  12. leo says:

    Yes this is true BRITNEY is just so much more appealing, she’s accomplished so much in such a short time.. if I’m honest she’s a legend at such a young age!!!

    Her shows are amazing,
    her songs are amazing
    everything she does is flipping amazing!!!

    of course Christina is awesome though id be a fool to say she wasn’t



  13. Pinky says:

    Oh please, in my opinion Britney can’t touch Christina Aguilera in any way shape or form.
    Christina Aguilera is smart, gorgeous, and talented.
    The only way Britney exceeds Christina is through record sales. But even that’s not fair because Christina has 3 studio albums, while Britney has SIX.
    Oh and supposedly Britney can dance better than Christina?
    Well, how dumb does one sound saying that when Christina hasn’t spent the last 8 years of her life dancing away. She was making a more mature form of music, that you just don’t dance to.

    Britney’s great to look at, and her computer voice is nice to hear, but I really don’t see how she could be better than an artist like Christina.

  14. ILLEST says:

    LOL I think Britney fans are as substance less as her. and I give no credit to people who like her. she is trendy, she is a business woman. not an artist. she sells, whats in and whats popular. and the people who cannot see or face that are complete idiots. Christina’s voice is one short rating of Mariah Carey’s at a four octave. while Britney’s voice is well….next to Rihannas in…needs a good team and a lot of money to sound marketable. wake up people. lol. Christina also uses her past to make music, can step into any genre of music and still go platinum, and writes a lot of her music. she’s not here to gain popularity or validation from a ignorant mind. she’s in it to do what she loves, and damn she is good at it. =) try that on for size

  15. XBoby says:

    Of course Christina Aguilera is better….Isn’t everything in album sold….Christina is so talented,beautiful,hot,she have awesome songs,she is almost perfect….Britney is just cute and she have good songs….Christina is voice of generation,live legend,queen of music….

  16. ken says:

    Britney is more appealing and influencing

    she has sold 83 million albums worldwide
    and with her DVD sales and singles
    sources : total of 110 million+ worldwide sales

    and only a decade (10yrs)

    Her career success was highlighted by Forbes magazine in 2002 when Spears was ranked the world’s most powerful celebrity, the first and only musician to reach number 1.
    Spears is the first female in the Nielsen SoundScan era to have her first four studio albums to debut at number one.
    Spears in the only act in Nielsen SoundScan history to have five albums debut with 500,000 copies or more.
    The youngest female artist to occupy the #1 spot on the Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 album chart at the same time.

    According to Soundscan (which does not include club sales) Spears is the biggest-selling female, and 5th overall, musician of this decade in the USA selling over 35 million albums, in the past 10 years.
    Spears has won the most Teen Choice Awards ever, which is 15 as of 2008. Spears also won the most Kids Choice Awards and the MTV European Music Awards for a female. She has over an amazing 26 MTV Video Music Award nominations, with 3 wins as of 2008.
    Spears is the biggest selling musician worldwide this decade (2000-2010) with global album sales of over 100 million as of 2009 and global single sales of 80 million (CD single and downloads).

  17. nighthawk 1954 says:

    well, miss B sold more than 110 million albums, cute face, sexy body, divorce, tearful drama, drug-addicted, what else? that’s all what she got. since the first time she came around in the business, she made gossip tabloids sold extremely high. what do you guys think about it? does it really matter a lot to you? as long as she won the media attention, I bet she gives no sh** while other people ignored and abandoned by social construct. miss C, is way no better than her in selling records, but she excels miss B by how she inspires people to do positive things around. is there any ballad sung by miss B more encouraging and inspirational as miss C’s “Beautiful”? none. remind yourself when you are 20 years by now, when miss B and miss C no longer sweet, sassy and young as particularly we’ve seen on TV nowadays. what would you say to your children about your favorite singer? miss aging B who goes for plastic surgery confidently shaking up her tapioca pudding ass on the stage singing “…hit me baby one more time” or miss C who has gracefully wrinkled face belting out “beautiful” to more mature audience? think about it. I believe to define someone as a great person is more than just selling records or popularity but how they could affect others to get up everyday with a better hope for life. and I think miss C just did it way remarkably.

  18. Bruce says:

    Firstly I have to say I love both Brit an Xtina. they are remarkable stars-and I own all the albums both of them have released. Brit sold 110Mil-xtina about half that from the stats you guys posted above. Well in the end I guess it comes to who listens to what. Brit has the advantage like more studio albums and compilations an stuff, an a tabloid filled life that boosts public interest. Compare to Xtina. -not much to do with earth shattering scandals to boost her albums. well at the end you gotta take it at a talent point of view. 1 hit wonders can release a CD that will outsell an established artist and pin them in the top earning stars -but they fade. Brit is no 1 hit wonder -she works hard. but she has an advantage that she has released way more albums than Xtina-so technically you cannot compare them on Sales figures an album units sold/shipped-that’s not accurate at all. in my opinion- Christina is not just another Pop star-she is an ARTIST!!!! This woman can belt out and she co writes lyrics that are mature and tunes that are really meaningful. She can’t be compared to Britney – in my opinion she is a far more superior singer song writer and artiste who has a diff audience to entertain. and the fact that she is god giftedly Gorgeous -does stand out-(sorry Britney – I have to be honest-Xtina is the real glam queen). I can hear a Brit song and love it but I lose it -it wears away-but xtinas songs stay etched in my mind. They are that great
    so yeah I think of the 2 talent outweighs the sales- because for 1 -Xtina succeeds on so many more levels than Brit does not -like the album numbers and keeping her personal life out of tabloids -so yes her life is more together and she does not rely on the mass tabloids to market her talent- and boy oh boy what a talent she is.
    so for me Talent is the higher and Christina definitely is the better of the 2
    go xtina!!!

  19. Jen says:

    Britney has sold more albums because she has made more music. Christina, unlike Britney, has a life outside of the music biz. Christina is a singer, Britney is a celebrity. Christina puts her family before her career, Britney puts her fame before anything.

  20. Lawrence says:

    All of their talent is slowly giving everyone heart attacks, so who ever side I / you choose, it is going to be that I won’t be a fool for their music.

  21. mohit chauhan says:

    Britney is far better than Christina if we look at the overall package, performance,singing,dance everything together makes Britney better than Christina….though Christina has got good voice and sings nicely but in live performances especially, I just like Britney because she totally rocks the dance floor and her music is better too.also I like the chilliness in her voice………….

  22. XtinaFAN says:

    This is so ridiculous. I mean, now you start to compare even their voices??? Christina is the YOUNGEST artist to EVER reach Rolling Stones list of the TOP 100 singers of ALL TIME. She was placed no.58 on her debut on the list. I don’t see Britney anywhere =/

  23. BrtineyLover says:

    who cares if Christina is on the best singers of all time. Britney is one of the best selling female artists of all time as well as the 8th best selling female artist in the united states

  24. david says:

    I think Christina is the best female artist 1999-2000

    Britney still sings?

  25. missy says:

    no one compares to Britney…let’s compare the late success of “femme fatale”vs “bionic”…and the examples can keep going!

  26. MArco says:

    I don’t give a sh** about sales and appeal and all that crap, bottom line is Britney cannot sing, she sounds like a dieing cat when she tries to so now she lip syncs to cover this fact up. Then there is Christina Aguilera who is respected world wide for the voice of a generation….

  27. Belladonna says:

    Christina is one of the greatest singers of all time. Her discography is pretty impressive and she’s really versatile. And she only has 4 official studio albums released.

    Britney is just… below my standards. She’s so bad, crappy “singer”, poor performer, horrible songs, looks like some homeless woman. I just really don’t get her appeal.

  28. Nico says:

    back again after 13 years in the industry and britney is still making number one records and number one albums. britney spears is still one of the biggest name in pop music after 13 years. where is christina ? when was her last number one album or number one single solo ? she is done people. lets face it. britney is the only artist from that generation who is still making good music and who’s relevant. she got a record deal before christina, she got a star at the hollywood walk of fame way before christina. she sold over 100 wayyyyy before christina and christina will always will be second. or no even second anymore

  29. michelle says:

    Forget about sales. Why don’t we let them perform on stage together and see who is better.? Britney will be so pathetic because Xtina will definitely eat her out..duh!

  30. Fixie says:

    Lol Australia abd the rest of Europe are not more keen of Christina. Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again each sold 4 million in Europe, Britney 2 million. Aguilera furst self titled album sold 1 million in Europe, Stripped 3 million, Back to basics 1 million. So Britney was wayyyyy bigger than her in Europe. Your commebt is so Laughable ????. Plus Baby One More Time sold 25 million albums vs Christina Aguilera 14 million globally. Oops 20 million, Stripped 9, Britney 10 million BTB 4 million. By this stats alone it means their first 3 albums, Britney’s non US sales are 26 million on her first three US non album sales while Christina only 10. ????. To tell u the truth go outside of non english speaking countries nobody cares about Christina even at her peak. There are major narkets where she failed to sell even decent amount of albums, namely France, Spain, Japan. And in Asia & Latin America her sales are almost non existant. So dont eveb brought up sales comparison. ???

    PS : Christina xmas albums and Spanish albums combined did not sold 6 million. U r so exaggerating that number.

  31. Ricky says:

    2021 here, coming just to check facts and how Christina dispaered in the 10s and had to cancel tours due to lack of people :)

    And I don’t know e where are your facts coming, but Christina was never bigger in Europe. Stripped (her second most sold album, sold the same as Britney and in the zone. Not to. Metion that the Britney first and 2nd albums sold more than the entire xtinas discography together.
    This discussion is stupid. But let’s stick to the facts. Xtina has a amazing voice, but Britney is a full package

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