Christina Aguilera Vs. Britney Spears? Why?

Contributed anonymously:

I know this has probably been said before, but why do you Britney fans act so negative and immature with fans, and vice versa. And don’t tell me that Christina fans do it more often than fans and vice versa, that only makes you hypocritical and more pathetic.

Everytime there is an essay of an anonymous or whoever writing a negative thing about Britney, why do you Britney fans assume it’s a Christina fan? It’s as if you think that every person that says negative about Britney is a Christina fan, which is ridiculous and immature. I diss Britney and Christina sometimes just for specific things they do, and I am not a fan of either. And vice versa to Christina fans who thinks that a Britney fan is always the one behind the negative essays about Christina on here.

To me it seems as if you Christina fans are more against Britney fans than Britney herself, and vice versa. Why? It’s not only annoying, but immature that a Christina fan has to stereotype Britney fans as being “teeny-boppers, immature, and lost” and that a Britney fan has to stereotype a Christina fan as being “snobby, trashy, and tasteless.” What’s up with that? How old are some of you, 12? 10? 6? What irritates me the most is how you guys act as if you know each other just because he/she is a fan of Britney or Christina, and that just because there is this so call “rivalry” between them that it gives you the right to act rude and immature towards each other over these pop stars that you don’t know.

You guys are the only ones that act and believe that Christina and Britney are in this battle, and take it so personally and seriously as if it were a matter of life and death here. Britney and Christina aren’t even the same league as each other when it comes to music (which is all that should matter here, popularity and stuff are just bonuses, and they don’t last forever). I bet that they don’t even speak to each other or barely touch each other’s shoulders at the red carpet.

In the beginning I could understand that there was some rivalry between them since they were head to head at being #1 on TRL and on the charts, but now, aren’t some of you tired of going on with it? Both Britney and Christina have proven themselves to have a popular name in their own right, neither one is “better” than the other, it’s all in the matter of opinion, and at the end, why should other people’s opinions that aren’t synonymous to yours even matter?

I hope one day that some of you will open your eyes and take a good look at how childish and immature you act towards others for being a fan of somebody you don’t like for whatever reason. Now this is the last thing I have to say, to Britney fans, what do you have against Christina? And Christina fans, what do you have against Britney? Ask yourselves that, for once, and when you do, I hope you open your eyes and laugh at how immature and ridiculous it is to act like backstabbers against one another over celebrities that have nothing against you or each other.

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