Christina Aguilera Will Always Be Second Best To Britney Spears

Contributed anonymously:

For a short while in 2002 it seemed like was the new princess of pop, who has triumphed over when it came to popularity. People thought Britney was over, they doubted that her comeback would be a success, Christina was the one who people talked about, she was the Queen of tours with her Justified Stripped tour, but when November 2003 came, Britney came and stole all that away from Christina in a blink of an eye. ‘Me Against the Music’ had topped 13 countries around the world, went top 5 in over 30 countries around the world and #1 in the world chart, her second single ‘Toxic’ was a massive success, going #1 in over 30 countries and #1 in the world chart.

Her latest single ‘Everytime’ may be going #1 in the UK, which gives her her 2nd #1 single in a row, from In The Zone and it is at #21 in the USA, which is good for a Britney ballad, and this shows that she is not over. Her album has received good reviews from the likes of respectable critics Hopkinson who said that her album was an impressive album, and Jane Stevenson. You see, whether you like it or not, I think it is fair to say that Britney Spears is already a future legend. When she first came into our lives she made such a huge impact on the music industry, her album ‘Baby One More Time’ broke the world record for ( and I quote from the Guinness world records), ” Best selling album by a teenage solo artist… Baby One More Time by Britney Spears had passes the 12 million sales mark in the USA alone by Feb 2000. It was also a top seller in many other countries”. Okay, I know some of you may be sitting there thinking that I am living on past glories, but I don’t have to. Britney Spears Onyx Hotel tour is the #3 biggest selling tour of 2004 ( Madonna #1 Shania Twain #2), her tour beat LEGENDS like Prince who is at #4 with his tour and Cher who is at #5. Speaking of tours lets not forget Christina’s flop summer tour….Her current album ‘In The Zone’ is already a big seller, selling almost 6 million copies world wide and almost 3 million copies in the USA…………… ALL IN 7 MONTHS! Britney Spears new album has already sold OVER half of what Christina’s album ‘Stripped’ has sold in UNDER half the amount of time ‘Stripped’ has been released. Oh and lets not forget now who is the Queen of Merchandise, who has sold $30 million worth of merchandise, for those who have forgotten, one name, Britney. Christina is now trying to get in on the game with her ‘Christina Aguilera Crayons’, well Christina, sorry to tell you this but Britney has already sucked that pool dry.

Christina is hardly even in the spotlight now, ever since Britney’s comeback. Even before Britney’s album was released she hit headlines around the world with the kiss which is now titled ‘The Britney and Madonna kiss’, and the funny thing is that Christina Aguilera was on stage with them and kissed Madonna too! But she got absolutely no recognition for it and had to go crying to Blender magazine, because that is the only way she could only ever get attention now, to mention Britney ( of course now Avril has realized that too).

Britney Spears is still a phenomenon after 5 years, she is a cult legend, and she is the future legends of stars today. Even when she stepped out to buy some coffee that made front page of the Sunday newspaper in the UK like ‘The Sun’ and ‘News of the World’. Now can you say that that is the case with Christina Aguilera? Answer, no. Why? Because Britney Spears is not only more popular, but is also considered to be more interesting by the media. When you put her face on the cover of a magazine it sells 3 times more, but for Christina the only time she ever achieved something like that was to do tome topless shots for Maxim.

Even legends like Patti LaBelle are humming her songs, she is receiving praise from people like Little Richard, Gwen Stefani, Steve Tyler, Brad Pitt, Madonna and countless other celebrities.

And as far as sex appeal, Britney. Christina may have came #3 in Maxim, but for FHM which MORE people voted in than in Maxim ( over a million people), guess who came on top ( and not #3), BRITNEY. Even in the Sexiest women Of The Decade list Britney came #9 and Christina was ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LIST at #36. Even when Britney was on her 6 month break she still topped a lot of polls in men’s magazine.

Now let’s talk about talent. Yes, Christina can sing, but then again so can Mary Mary and Rick Waller so whoopdy dooooo. But not only can Britney sing ( yes, her voice isn’t strong, but is still beautiful) she can dance, and play the piano. I saw her on TV in 2000 and again in 2003 playing the piano and she was OKAY, but at least she can still play a musical instrument. So that is 3 points to Britney, and 1 to Christina.

Britney is the full package, looks, talent, popularity, astronomical album sales. Christina? Artificial beauty ( Now now, come on Christina fans, even you have to admit this one, she does wear rather a lot of make up and bronzer, more than any other female celebrities- Britney wears make up but not as much as Christina Maria Aguilera), can only sing ( but singing can have its certain problems like ‘vocal chord strains’!), popularity? Died down, astronomical album sales? First album sold 12 million copies, Stripped is at 10 million, 12 million + 10 million = 22 million album sales, Britney’s first album alone sold 21 million copies! And even if you times Christina’s album sales by two ( 44 million) this still would not equal Britney’s album sales…………………………..58 MILLION.

Christina may have the Grammys, but Britney is the one who has broken records ( all 4 albums go #1 in a row), and breaking records is going to be more memorable than Grammys ( not saying the Grammys are nothing though…) Oh and Britney also has the Emmy awards which she won in 2002 ( 2 Emmy awards is the amount of Emmy awards she won in 2002 to be precise).

Britney Spears is going to be remembered as much as Madonna, Elvis, Marilyn and other great legends out there. Christina? Even Hanson’s ‘Mmmbop’ would be more remembered than she would be….. ‘Stripped’ may have been a success for Christina, but that is as far as it would go, and her flop summer tour is the 1st sign that things won’t be looking to bright for Christina in the future. So bye bye Christina, close the door behind you.

~* Jennifer*~

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19 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Will Always Be Second Best To Britney Spears

  1. hi says:

    lol old column but I found it an its true, I mean look at today, Britney didn’t even perform at the vmas and she got all the attention, guess who did perform? no one knew and cares. its just. the world prefers Britney.

  2. ....... says:

    okay… I like Britney… but this article is so juvinile… I understand its old article but I stumbled upon it so I know some one else will…

    so almost 6 yr laters and Christina had another very successful album and tour… just dropped a new song and video… had a kid is is dropping an album next yr

    and Britney got into drugs… lost her kids… cut off her hair… bombed an comeback performance… dropped a album that flopped… and is now becoming normal again with a new single that is doing well…

    point? I hope this writer doesn’t write for this site anymore… because Jennifer don’t know sh*t

  3. Gorkem says:

    It’s totally true..
    Aguilera is just a Britney wannabe.. Recently she copied Britney’s Onyx outfit on her unpopular VMA performance lol.. It’s her 9th year and she’s still continuing to copy Britney.. This loser girl has no chance.. She’s trying keep herself relevant by comparing herself to Britney.. But makes no sense.. Aguilera is an unpopular loser.. Look at VMA 08 most talked moments.. Even Rihanna and pink are on the list but still Aguilera is NOT on the list because nobody cares her performance!

  4. fence girl says:

    I love this article :D Strong points to convince anyone that Britney will always be better and she’s the one that came out first, she’s more deserving of the title of reviving late 90’s teen pop.

  5. koko says:

    its funny how people still want to compare Christina with Britney..christina is the voice of her generation, has Grammys under her belt, and doesn’t need to come out with club hits to make it, unlike Britney she has too, plus Christina takes creative control of her music, rather people like it or not, Britney is just a product to her label company, that’s why people around her always walk over her..all I know is that even tho Britney is more popular, Christina is a WAY BETTER! So like Christina said..she serves it up in a shot and zip it down like a MAN…

  6. pAKO says:

    Christina the “Voice” of her generation?? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    Just beacuse Christina’s little fans say she is “The Voice of her generation” certainly does not make her that . to be a voice to a genetation you have to be relevant to the industry you have to have something to say. not take your clothes off to sell a magazine and talk smack about other female artists..christina is a hater (and so are her fans)
    Christina will always be Britney’s Ugly step sister, Never quite good enuff but always trying (and copying) WAY too hard.

  7. Jhon says:

    This article is totally “Britney fan”…the thing is that Britney sells more that’s true only because of all her troubles…BUT Christina is the one with more talent and a more common life that’s why Britney sells more…SO Britney fans yeah the only talented thing she can do is dancing but that was a lot of years ago even with her comeback she is still a shadow of what she was (FACE IT)i like her too but reality is Christina is more of a singer than she is and a better entertainer (not only dances, her Back to Basics tour was AMAZING!!! so amazing it can blow Britney off any arena…)

    And now for this guy PAKO, PLEASE!!!, MMM “THE VOICE OF HER GENERATION” actually was told by Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake in a trl program (Learn to read!!!)…Relevant to the industry???, Christina has done duets with big stars like Nelly, Ricky Martin, Andrea Bocelli, Herbi Hancock, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, have receive praises from Celine Dion. Britney the only relevant duet she has done is with no other than Madonna (thats good but that’s the only thing she can do because in reality they are much more alike, they like to use too much playback, dancing, well that’s the type of artist they are), mmmmmmm!!! Christina only takes her clothes off hahaha!!!!!!…”Womanizer”, “Toxic”, “Everytime” (whats that???)…unlike Britney, Christina didn’t came out as a virgin and then turn a naughty girl…and the most annoyin thing is I like both of them obviously but prefer Christina and I always read bad things that Britney fans wrote about her not the other way around…AND COME ON!!! Both artists are great…people have different type of views and they can like whatever they want so don’t talk trash (i think Britney fans only do that because Christina is in reality more talented)…

    Excuse me But Christina is way hotter, Britney is the cute girl gone crazy!!!(that’s real who in this world will cut her hair to bold and punch a car with an umbrella, only crazy people)…and copyin??? what you have to say about that Circus of Britney!!!=Back to basics oh you are right they are not even the same hahaha Britney=Clowns, Christina=Pin up girls

  8. koko says:

    PAKO..please..taking off her clothes is what Britney is known for..even showing her just mad cause Christina STILL has her husband, kid, and lives happy…and last time I check, Britney fans are always comparing Christina to her…why?? get over it, Christina is a way better Artist..

  9. T DURDEN says:

    HAHA it’s funny stumbling onto this now- ending 2008 and who is the MUCH MUCH more successful one? CHRISTINA AGUILERA. This girl probably thought she was so onto something too- boy her face must be red. I wonder how she felt during the VMA’s of 2008? bow down bitch, Christina is the Queen.

  10. Madi says:

    ROfl! Chrsitina fans should realize that this woman is flop because she lacks innovation and persistance that is a must to be on the top. She has nothing but a VOICE which I appreciate too but I wish she could have something in her head too! Britney unlike Christina has an average voice but an X-factor and a charisma which always keeps her on the top. And everytime when most people are underestimating her, her immediate boost to success gives all of them a kick in the face. :D Go Britney!!! Even after 10 years… she does it again and again and continues to do do!

  11. Jhon says:

    Christina doesn’t have something in her head?…HELLO
    Madi the one with OBVIOUSLY nothing in her head is u…to believe what you are saying is SAD…what type of x factor does Britney has… oh yeah the I am a publicity bitch…unlike her the sales Christina has done even fewer than Brit’s only are because of the talented singer she is…

  12. John says:

    Britney Spears has always taken over Christina. Christina has a better voice but that’s it! Britney is the Queen of the dancing, is the most charismatic artist and even if her voice is not very powerful it’s still a pretty voice, nice on the ear… Britney is multi-talented that’s why Britney is known as The Queen!! she’s a true artist, Christina is just a gd singer! but that doesn’t mean people need say that Christina is a loser, she’s not bad!!

  13. FrMaRiRoLu says:

    Christina Aguilera is miles better that Britney ‘i can;t really sing’ Spears, you want proof?

    You’ll not find anything like that about Christina, I even saw spears crying (again) because she wished she could sing like Christina. Spears may get more publicity but that’s because she is a psycho,

  14. richard says:

    Lol Britney fans lol, folks Christina is the real deal.Lets see who won best new artiste at the Grammys wait was it Britney oh no it was ms. Christina.who has a lot of Grammys under her belt whoops its Christina.Who does the music industry wanna work with ? yeah bitch its Christina.Who has ask Christina to appear on their albums hmm lets see, you got Herbie, Nelly, Andrea just to name a few oh wait did I mention the Rolling Stones asked her to perform with them on shine a light. Let’s see who has ask Britney to work with them oh wait lemme answer sorry nobody.Who has the 3rd greatest performance in the history of the Grammys oh wait its Christina again bitch. Mr.Pako Christina is the voice of her generation and that title wasn’t only given to her by her fans but by the voice herself Ms. Whitney Houston.Who has her life intact and happily married for 3.5yrs now oh wait its Christina again bitch.Now lets see with Britney’s “so called comeback” by the way folks attempt #2 still there isn’t no hipe around her, with all her comebacks the 1st ever Grammy concert didn’t invite her to perform but Chris was there, the AMAs didn’t ask her to perform but Chris did and ccn tribute to heroes didn’t ask her to perform but Chris did with a standing ovation received at the end of her performance, since Britney attempt #2 big comeback no major award shows ask her to perform except for some french awards show call the Bambi awards lol.Lets see who is always in the media in negative disgraceful publicity oh wait its Britney.Who needs an awards show to rigged awards for her to help her comeback oh wait its Britney.So Britney fans at least we know what Christina sounds like but you folks don’t know what Britney sounds like even in the studio her voice is technically enhanced and as for dancing well before she could have danced but now she sucks big time guess what she is hanging by a thin thread but Christina she still has a rock solid career oh and just for reminders all Christina Aguilera studio albums has earned her a Grammy including a Latin Grammy unfortunately non of spears major selling 6 albums hasn’t earned her any Grammys. Christina still has her voice but Britney has nothing not even her dancing talent sorry Britney fans I know that’s really difficult for you guys to hear but its the truth,i mean how could you support some1 who lip syncs her way through everything I mean serious even if you don’t like talented folks like Christina you could try Miley at least she is a bit popular lol. Oh last but not least Christina in no way has ever made any of her fans feel ashamed of her or regret supporting her but I know for sure Britney sure did. Oh wait last but not least sorry I just can’t help it cause it just KEEPS GETTIN BETTER with Christina umm who appear on peoples magazine top 100 beautiful people with her son yep its Christina lets not forget as well she made maxim hot 100 at # 14 oh 1 more thing how has more billboard top 100 hit single yep its Christina not Britney Chris got about 5 Britney only 3 lol.

  15. boodi says:

    guys YouTube artists talkes about Britney Spears and you will even Pussycat Dolls said that Britney is the queen of pop she is the best and Christina is kindda slut

  16. Jake says:

    LMAO HOW BRITNEY LOVERS PITY THAT GIRL. Y’all can keep putting the spotlight on y’alls girl Brit, no problem.
    The fact is, my dreamgirl goddess Christina, IS and will ALWAYS be better. SUCKAS

  17. amna says:

    i know this is a old article but still Britney will always be the best female artist so chirstina fans get over her. she is a loser who wears too much makeup

  18. Kari says:

    Ok let’s all get real. Britney SUCKS!!! So sorry sweetie but the reason Britney lip syncs all the time is not because it’s hard to sing and dance at the same time(even though it is kinda hard) it’s because her voice is terrible. She needs the studio to clean it all up and make it sound somewhat decent (if you call that decent). But in the end her voice comes out sounding robotic and it’s like that in every song (Womanizer & Circus for starters). I mean, when I first saw Womanizer I wasn’t awed by the fact that it’s a cool song (and don’t get me wrong it is cool) I was disgusted that a grown woman would deliberately pose butt naked in a sauna on camera. Doesn’t she know that little teenage girls watched that video? Britney makes it very apparent that after age 25 some things just don’t click with you. I mean at least Christina has the decency to cover up once in a while. I mean what’s Britney’s edge? Being a slut to sell some albums and sh**. Fu** that! Bitch put on some clothes, stop pole dancing all the damn time, and please for every mother out there’s sake do not take your kids on tour with you if you are going to be wearing an outfit with nipple tassles on it. And I know a lot of people are happy for her because she’s back, and selling albums, and making money again, and she’s a mother of two, and she’s got her figure back (even though technically she has no curves whatsoever compared to other celebs) and all the bullsh**. Big fu**ing whoop! There are a lot of mother of two’s out there making money and they don’t lay naked in sauna on camera to do it! Y’all say that like you’ve never seen that sh** before. But I guess it’s okay since people don’t expect anything else other than pure trashy-ness from the woman. But you have to remember she’s not going to be young forever and when her youth is gone I guarentee what’s left of her voice is NOT going to save her career. I mean at least Xtina, Beyonce, and Whitney have their beautiful voices to back them up on their career. But Britney…I can’t wait to see this trainwreck.

  19. Cameron says:

    I love how this article was written almost 7 years ago and NOTHING has changed about the above mentioned facts only that Britney has sold over 100 million albums by now and broken a few more records. Reaching 13 years in the game and she is still the Queen. With all her troubles and mistakes the world has even more admiration for her for not letting all of negatives weigh her down. We love you Brit!!!!!

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