Christina Aguilera Will Last

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Disclaimer: If you hate essays, especially ones about Britney Aguilera and Christina Aguilera — IGNORE THIS.

A lot of people (especially the herd that follows their sheep-Queen Britney) like to use Christina’s album sales against here as if they’re something to be ashamed of. Please. She’s sold well over 30 million albums worldwide in 4 years–most artists can only DREAM of that kind of feat. What about the awards she’s won? A list of the accolades she’s received to date (including the FOUR Grammy’s she’s won) can be found at And forget about the number 1’s she’s achieved around the world but more especially here in America on the Billboard charts. There are 6 whole pages of that here.

But album sales, number one singles, and awards aren’t what define an artist. As if this hasn’t been said a billion times already–sheer TALENT is what will propels an artist into longevity. It’s what critics respect and make note of whether they love the person or not. There’s no denying Christina’s 4 octave range doesn’t boast that of a gifted vocalist. That she’s emerging has a talented songwriter as well (and thank God her lyrical content doesn’t consist of having hook ups, being drunk, and masturbation). Her stage presence is her VOICE. Its a shame that artists like Britney have to spend millions of dollars on elaborate stages, bring out 45 + dancers, and wear flashy costumes JUST to keep her audience on their feet. Christina can get on stage in sweats in a t-shirt for a solid hour, singing, and that would satisfy every single audience member. The ability to do this in my opinion is a strong indication that she will be around for a long time, whether some of you think she has a horrible attitude or looks skanky, she’s got “IT” and whats-her-name only has looks and a hot body that’ll fade away in about a year because of those damn cancer sticks.

The only thing Britney Spears has left to her name is a flat stomach and declining sales mixed with horrible reviews for her flop-of-a-tour. She wants to be Madonna BADLY but she’s just a very poor, uncreative, unoriginal, and unimaginative imitation of Madonna. She can’t find her own identity so she attempts to steal someone else’s and it backfired. Instead of being the next Madonna she’s becoming the next Debbie Gibson–a has-been. Beyonce Knowles is emerging as another Tina Turner, Justin Timberlake as a better and reformed Michael Jackson, and Christina Aguilera as a mix between Cher and Mariah Carey. These are the next group of people along with Norah Jones and others that, if they play their cards right, will end up as legends. There’s no room for Britney as you can see so let’s all just sit-back and wait for her plunge, FAST straight to the bottom.

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