Christina Aguilera With A Sore Ego

Contributed Anonymously:

This is yet another essay that Christina Aguilera’s fans will hate, but what the heck, they can always blame it on Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles, or Pink for every failure that Christina makes.

Why are we not surprised that she cancelled her summer tour? A sore throat? Or a sore ego? Instead of using blind devotion and cheerleading slogans, let’s use logic to understand why she would cancel her tour?

First and foremost, “Stripped” was not big enough to launch her on her own. Therefore, she enlisted the help of another poser, Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC. They both held equal weight, and had Black Eyed Peas to be the opening act. It sounds like they were beyond desperation, trying to enlist as many artists as possible to fill the seats. Which record company will want to split their profit if their recording artist can hold an entire tour? Face it! Christina had no choice but swallowed her pride and re-associated herself with her Mickey Mouse buddy. For someone who insisted on being so “artistic” and “talented”, Christina had to be teamed with Mr. Bye Bye Bye. Very sad!

Secondly, Christina is on a transitional period, in between albums. Not only has “Stripped” which sold a meager 7 million copies worldwide failed to incite the fire that the record company has hoped, they decided to back a two year album with another tour? Maybe, they know that Christina’s third album will sell even fewer. Christina the cow? Definitely! A cash cow?

Thirdly, Christina’s vocal performances in her concerts were far from perfection that her fans insisted. For some songs, she hardly sang, but let the backup singers and even the audience (the audience paid to listen to her sing and not do their own karaoke) take over. The only time she shone was she did the slinkier number like “Walk Away.” Please open you ears and listen to her screech in “Fighter”, mumbled through “Lady Marmalade” and sing the mess she called “Come on over”

Fourth, summer is saturated with more talented and more exciting artist. Can you list the number of real artists touring. Face it! The competition is too stiff.

Fifth, Britney had to break a leg for two off days. Mariah Carey and Aerosmith almost never cancelled a concert while baby Christina had to blame her phone sex for cutting a tour. Ouch! I am sorry I can’t sing since I have not been performing for almost 6 months!! When was her last stop for her stripped/ justified tour? All of us have vocal chords but they sure don’t need 6 months to heal and then be used for a song or two and be ‘destroyed” again. Christina’s special voice sure is delicate.

Sixth point and the final point : How many Christina fans are there in the American mainland? Let me guess! Not enough to fill those stadiums!

Christina may have a glass breaking pitch but since she can only use it once a decade, we are happy that she takes a 10 years vacation.

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