Christina Aguilera Wrote ‘Miss Independent’ For Kelly Clarkson

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On in the fanzone section, Kelly Clarkson’s best friend Jessica is asked whether Christina Aguilera wrote the track ‘Miss Independent’. “Yes Christina Aguilera was also a co-author,” she said. “Along with another person as well.”

Kelly Clarkson Picks Steven Tyler As Her Idol

March 18, 2003 – American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson tells Vibe magazine that she’s a big fan of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, her favorite singer. She says, “I usually think it’s so corny if guys sing to you, but he could sing to me anywhere. I’m just in awe of his voice.”

Kelly Clarkson Clips Pulled

March 17, 2003 – Contributed by leftofcenter: reports 19 Management has asked all the Kelly fan sites to take the audio clips from the album down. They did not believe handing it over to PromoSquad would actually result in every fan site of the American Idol champ have them and distributing them freely.

Simon Fuller In Shouting Match With BMG Over Kelly Clarkson

March 17, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports that according to a source, Kelly’s recording career is in jeopardy after ‘American Idol’ impresario Simon Fuller had a “shouting match” with an executive of RCA’s parent, BMG. “RCA spent millions marketing her and now she’s old news,” the source says. With ‘Idol’ winner #2 due in May, RCA is concerned that Clarkson will never recover her lost momentum. Simon had put off the Clarkson release to have her tour, then have her film the Idol movie with runner-up Justin Guarini.

Kelly Clarkson Tells Idols To ‘Be Yourself’

March 10, 2003 – American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson has some advice for contestants on the second edition of the Fox smash hit. Be yourself. “It sounds so corny and cliched, but don’t be Britney. Don’t be Christina. Don’t be me,” she said.

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