Christina Aguilera’s A Bitch. Deal With It – She Has

Contributed anonymously:

In light of articles on this website regarding Christina Aguilera’s ‘enemy list’, it has become apparent that people may see Christina as a bitch, and that her comments are rude and uncalled for.

I think that the main message Christina is sending here and what people are continuously missing, is that she doesn’t care what you think. She’ll speak her mind, and she’s not ashamed or afraid to be a bitch, whether you like it or not. Christina couldn’t give a flying fu** whether you get your knickers in a twist over it or not.

This has to be what I admire about her most. She is outspoken, confident, fearless and unapologetic. She’s not passive or submissive, and she shouldn’t be forced into that position because she’s famous. The girl’s got guts. You’d have to have guts to criticize Britney Spears, with her kind of fan base.

So go ahead. Call Christina rude. Call her a bitch. Call her classless. Trashy. Tell her that her comments are hurtful and unprovoked. Go right ahead. I’d even agree with you. She probably would too.

But Christina won’t give a damn. She’ll continue to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in, even if it rubs you up the wrong way. Christina won’t censor her feelings for anyone. And she shouldn’t have to. Whether I agree with her or not, I’ll always respect her honesty.

Keep it up, Christina. Call it how you see it.

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13 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s A Bitch. Deal With It – She Has

  1. hellahooked says:

    I agree with you.. Christina is a bitch and is very very trashy. Christina bitches about everything. In her songs, about other celebrities who are way better than her and bitches because she was ‘not’ noticed at the VMAs. Hello, she is a shadow after all. um, I bet Christina does care what people think about her… she probably puts on ‘Beautiful’, so she can feel beautiful inside.. aww Is that what you admire Christina for? Her honesty? I admire Christina for admitting she is jealous of a certain someone!

  2. Whatomat says:

    TO Anonymous: I amazed you have the guts to call Christina brave for speaking her mind openly, when you don’t even have the guts to put your damn name on an essay by popdirt. I have never called Christina a bitch, maybe a ho a few times when I was pissed but I don’t think things are as easy as you make them seem. I seriously Christina has a lot of issues left over from her childhood that she needs help dealing with and not necessarily praise for having issues. I respect Christina’s beautiful voice but her image does keep me and other people from becoming fans, and that hurts her and doesn’t help or her fans, many of whom are also disappointed by her behavior. Like I said anonymous you are a hypocrite for trying to act like it is perfectly normal for Christina to diss people left and right, yet you didn’t have the stomach to put your name on a popdirt essay.

  3. Angel_M says:

    I agree 100 % with you….. She will always be like this, she will always be honest and speak her mind, because that’s who she is…she ain’t gonna change just because some people can’t deal with it, NOT HER PROBLEM! Get over yourselves….. I’ve been called a bitch more than once, so what?!? I speak my mind and I don’t give a damn if people can’t deal with it….they are usually just jealous, because they are too afraid to speak their own freaking minds!!! You go Christina.

  4. Alex says:

    Funny how this e-mail comes across as so Big Billy Bad Ass!! What I find even more hilarious is how 4 years later, Christina now says after having a baby and after being married and after all the feuds with all these artists, she wishes she handled things differently. She realizes that she was wrong, now she wants to be an adult and live a beautiful life…..

  5. Juri says:

    I hate that woman so much, she is so mean
    hate her, fu**ing has been

  6. Larz Blackman says:

    People who “don’t give a damn” end up doing a lot of damage to others.

  7. my2cents says:

    she IS a bitch. a friend of mine went to see her at a local venue and took her nephew. after the show, people were asking for autographs on her way out and she loudly exclaimed: GET THESE PEOPLE AWAY FROM ME! it’s not like she was being swamped but apparently there were really young kids there asking for autographs and she was too good to at least politely reject their advances.

    miss cu*tilera can cram it right up her hole. she deserves every misfortune she receives. those stories about her ill manner are true!

  8. Rich bitch says:

    There is nothing respectable about talking sh** just because your bored. In her case she’s a rich little bitch who has lost the lime light replaced by the likes of Hannah Montana, lol! See how replaceable you are… so expendable that a no talent ass clown can lip sync her way into your spot :-)

  9. ernest says:

    She is A bitch and She always will be

  10. Jay says:

    She’s an idiot. Also, enough with, “I’m in touch with my sexuality, I am a sexual being blah, blah, blah..” who cares. Here is a thought, be original..stop taking your clothes off and talking about how much you like sex. WE GET IT! You like sex! It’s seems the only way she can get attention is by stripping and acting like a dime store hooker.

  11. Christinab*tch says:

    I wouldn’t applaud Christina and admire her for being “gutsy”; there is a fine line between being “fearless, outspoken, confident, and unapologetic”, and being a stupid cu**.

  12. heidi says:

    Christina Aguilera is an idiot !
    I hate her so much …
    i am not a fan of her but I don’t think its fun being one.
    she doesn’t appreciate her fans and instead she is bitchy to them.
    She is bitchy to other singers as well…….i can sit here an name singers that she has been mean to all day but one important one which is p!nk!!
    p!nk is amazing and all Christina dose is talk sh** about here ….fu** you Christina !

  13. kay says:

    Britney, Pink, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce never put down other artists. it is called class.
    it just goes to show who the real “bitches” are when they actually feel the need to put down other artists.
    the fact that Christina puts down other people but claims she doesn’t care is pretty obvious she really does care. she is probably the most bitter insecure person …hopefully she starts spreading love before she commits suicide. even Kelly Osbourne outshines her in the class department… Kelly Osbourne grew up and shut up. she should follow her lead.

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