Christina Aguilera’s Blender Article Wasn’t Flattering For Her Either

Contributed by TotallyBitchassing:

It seems that no one has noticed that the Blender interview did, didn’t make her look good either. She came off as a bitter little bitch. It’s completely obvious that she is bitter as hell about the kiss. She is contradicting of herself as well. She talks so much crap about Britney Spears and then says she doesn’t understand why the press keeps the rivalry alive. Either she’s dumb as hell or fake as hell. You choose. Maybe both. Also, if she was so mad that Britney didn’t want to bother with her, than why did she wait so long to say anything about this. Christina just seems in desperate need of attention and I’m not even being rude. Honestly, she didn’t get the kind of love she need from her father. You know, you hear so much about how important a father is to their child’s life, especially their daughters. Maybe Britney needs guidance, but who doesn’t need a little help. It sounds corny but Christina went through hell in her childhood and that negativity is showing in her adulthood.

Now I know I sound contradicting myself but I have, I guess you could say, competing opinions about Christina. Sometimes she seems sweet and refreshing and sometimes she seems attention starved. It’s hard not to go back and forth on loving her and hating her. I mean, maybe Britney doesn’t like her either, but she didn’t put that negativity out there. Which is admirable at the least. I am still a fan of Christina’s music. I’d just rather not hear her talk anymore.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Blender Article Wasn’t Flattering For Her Either

  1. Whatomat says:

    Actually she is both fake and dumb,,,to clear that up. Tina came off bitter because she is,,,to clear that up. And even some of her fans were disappointed when they heard about this interview.

  2. JMAX says:

    “…no one has noticed…” I noticed. And I think everyone with at least one working brain cell noticed too. :D

  3. xtinarox says:

    let’s put this aside.. this Blender article is getting little old.. No more essays please

  4. rachel says:

    You’ve brought this issue up again because. She doesn’t need to apologize, she says whats she felt and that’s that. I don’t see you going off on Eminem for making ignorant comments, everyone is saying that he was young and angry and its understandable. Same with Christina, some days you experience something bad and you don’t mean it but you take all your frustration on someone. And if I was an artist who works my ass off, and I was mad with the industry or something I will take my frustration on fake artists like Britney, Tatu and all those who are just in the business for commercialism.

  5. lopez_lover says:

    it’s ‘just’ obsession about Britney and fear she might be (is) way popular than her right now

  6. clayfan says:

    Is there anyone out there who likes and appreciates both Christina AND Britney? Why does it seem that some fans want people to choose sides? They are DIFFERENT performers with DIFFERENT skills and DIFFERENT attributes. There are some similarities, but I can’t understand the continued comparisons. They’re BOTH successful. They’re BOTH talented. They’re BOTH young. They’re BOTH hot right now. Why choose? Why not appreciate both of them?

  7. B0rntoplay says:

    Christina lost a lot of respect from me with her comments. She can have her opinion, but there is many way to express yourself, and she came off as a bitch. What bugs me even more is that she makes it hard for me to be a fan of hers, when she is ripping on my favorite artist. She needs to realize that some of her fans are also Britney fans, and when she makes such rude comments, she indirectly insults those fans.

  8. angelM says:

    Why the hell are we still talking about this?? If that’s what Christina believes in then let her. Damn. If Britney says stupid stuff sometimes people forget.So just let her be.damn! Besides any artist would be bitter if they participated in something and only received half credit.

  9. babet says:

    if someone asked me about Britney I’d be pretty bitchy too. Britney’s success is riding off of her publicity…..not talent. no fan will deny that. she’s completely overshadowing any hope of real talent entering the music industry. Britney is an embarrassment.

  10. cherrycoke says:

    At last Christina is a real person.
    Britney is only a product of the music industrie…

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