Christina Aguilera’s Career In Terminal Decline

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This year has been a disappointing year for Christina Aguilera. After the success of her second album ‘Stripped’, it looks like Aguilera is now on her way to hasbeen-ville. 2004 saw the year when everything Christina Aguilera had ever done this year was a back-to-back world wide tragedy, in some cases resulting in a mortifying defeat by her rival Britney Spears.

Her current singles ‘Tilt Your Head Back’ failed to even make it into the Top 30 in the world chart, and that single has been officially released world wide. In the UK chart Christina has failed to gain a top 3 hit single this year, despite releasing three singles this year (The Voice Within, Carwash and Tilt Your Head Back). For an international singer of her status this is a debacle, Carwash sold a feeble amount, Tilt Your Head Back did even worse, only managing to scrape in at 16k and limped in at #5, beaten by and Lemar. This is in sharp contrast to her rival Britney Spears, who has 2 of the biggest hit singles of 2004 and a world wide smash hit ‘My Prerogative’, which went in at #1 in 28 countries, compared to Carwash only managing to hit the top spot in one country, the Philippines, and that is not even a big market. In terms of singles, Britney Spears has had a better year in the world chart:

Toxic: #1(peak)
Everytime:#1( peak)
My Prerogative: #3 ( peak)

Compared to Christina Aguilera:
Carwash: #10
Tilt Your Head Back:#34

Christina’s’ Stripped DVD was also a letdown. In Mexico it debuted at a deplorable #7, then fell down the chart like a rock, on this same week, Britney Spears DVD debuted at #2, certified gold. This comes as an degrading defeat for Christina, since during the Stripped era, it looked like she had overpowered Britney and became the worlds #1 leading Pop Princess and soon to be Pop Queen, now her career is reminiscent of Cindy Lauper and Tiffany, whilst Britney’s career mirrors that of . Australia seems to have grown weary of Christina Aguilera; her DVD only debuted at #4 and has fallen to #6, whilst Britney Spears’ DVD went to #1 and was certified platinum.

J/SBME 82876656789
2 1 198 1 HELL FREEZES OVER Eagles
14 WARNER 8573830902
3 2 2 2 LIVE AID Various WARNER 2564618952
4 – NEW 4 STRIPPED: LIVE IN THE UK Christina Aguilera RCA/SBME 82876580009

In the UK, were Christina was once insanely popular, her DVD only debuted at #6. This week it has fallen to #10:

TW LW Title Artist Label


Even Cliff Richard has managed to beat Christina Aguilera. CLIFF RICHARD! He moved up from #6 to #5. The White Stripes are also higher on the Chart than Christina. Cliff Richard and the White Stripes do not have even HALF of the promotion that Christina has for her DVD ( releasing 2 singles at the same time) and they even managed to beat her.
Everything Christina Aguilera has done in 2004 was a flop:

-The Voice Within- World wide radio flop

-The Summer Tour- I would be surprised that after the extraordinary LOW ticket sales of this tour if she ever toured again.

– Carwash- Didn’t even go top 60 in Japan, bombed in America, failed in the UK selling miserable amounts.

-Tilt Your Head Back- An even bigger washout than Carwash. This is collaboration with Nelly, who released singles from his two new albums and they all did well, except for the one with Christina. This song was originally meant for Britney, but ( quite smartly ) Britney turned this song down, as did Janet Jackson, Christina was the last choice, and the song bombed.

Stripped DVD- It failed in many countries, in some big markets it did not even make the top 40.

Christina’s appeal is slipping. The 20’s and 30’s era does not appeal to many, just look at the lack of success of her tour and her two singles, this has affected her DVD sales, and will most definitely affect her album sales. If her 20’3 and 30’s themed songs bomb, and her tour which has the same them bombs, her new album will tank. And I will be sitting down watching the demise of her career with a big maniac smile on my face.
Unlike Christina, everything Britney has done in 2004 is a success:

Greatest Hits: My Prerogative- It went #1 in Seven countries and top ten all around the world. It has been three weeks since the release of this album and it is already approaching the 3 million mark, with sales increase in the US by 18%. In Japan this album has sold over 414k in 4 weeks, this outsold her last album by 7k, and Christina’s last release by 214k.

My Prerogative: Went #1 in 28 countries, currently #4 in the world chart, peaked at #3 in the world chart.

Curious: This fragrance is about to make between $40-$50 million in the USA alone:

When it comes down to it, the beauty business is all about glamor, and who better to portray it than the stars themselves? In fact, Spears’ star power was so potent that it blew stocks right off the shelves of Macy’s New York in the first three weeks of its launch. In anticipation of Curious’ record-breaking results, expecting first-year sales of US$40-US$50 million in sales in the U.S. alone, the global prestige fragrance and beauty products company signed up suppliers that included packagers FiberMark, RK and Heinz Glas geared with high-volume capacity and quick turnaround time to support a heavy demand product.

Last March, Elizabeth Arden announced the signing of an exclusive global licensing agreement with Britney Spears, a deal that some reports estimate could net Spears between US$10 million to US$20 million over the next five years. The contract requires Spears’ collaboration in the development and marketing of a fragrance, skin care and color cosmetics line backed by the singer’s exclusive endorsement.

The creation of Britney Spears’ own beauty line completes Elizabeth Arden’s brand portfolio by targeting the growing global tween to young-adult market, a more lucrative demographic than the company’s other lines endorsed by actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Zeta-Jones. “The target for Curious is women ages 15 to 30. This is a younger demographic than those formerly targeted,” indicated sources at Elizabeth Arden.

Toxic: One of the fastest selling singles this year in the UK, one of the biggest hit single of the whole year. Went top 10 in the US and #1 in various countries, from Australia to Israel.

Everytime: Went top 15 in the US, #1 in the world chart ( like Toxic).

Onyx Hotel Tour: This tour grossed over $34 million for the first leg only ( Compared to Christina’s Stripped tour which grossed $29 million for the FULL tour).

Britney Spears broke 3 records this year:

1) Highest seller of merchandise for a female artist
2) Highest first week sales ever for a female artist for a Greatest Hits album
3) Becoming the first female to be in all the British newspapers for every single day of the week since Princess Diana.

2004 has been a success for Britney, and a complete and utter failure for Christina. Looks like after the Stripped era, Britney put Christina right back in her place, behind her, because now while Britney isn’t doing any promotion for her new album and single herself, she sill manages to sell millions and to have more appeal than Christina, Christina is singing Britney Spears’ reject songs and flopping.

Its one step forward for Britney, two step backwards for Christina.

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4 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Career In Terminal Decline

  1. katie says:

    who fu**ing Cares Look at Britney Now? Blackout Bombed and Circus stalled If you seek Amy flopped

    All I Can say Is Karma =) Btw Christina May not be On top But schools Britney when IT Comes to talent Britney ain’t sang live for 4 years Lol

    Its all about Lady gaga Right now not some little sh**ty singer

  2. Brian says:

    Katie, in retrospect your comment makes you look so damn idiotic because this article was completely TRUE. Look at Mrs. Aguilera now…Bionic bombed, and Circus hardly stalled…selling nearly 5 million albums worldwide is hardly a flop. And as for Lady GaGa, well…all I can say is she needs to be careful because she’s running dangerously close to overexposure. Sometimes the brightest stars burn out the quickest because they use up the most energy just to shine. SCHOOLED, BITCH.

  3. Barry says:

    I thought that it was Lady Gaga that put a dent into Christina’s career because she did try to copy Gaga’s music and failed. Britney is a surprise but there was a time she was going through a rough time music wise now its Christina.

  4. lindsay says:

    even when Britney was going through a hard time, it didn’t affect her sales or popularity. unfortunently, christina’s career has been over for years now. she hasn’t had a hit album since “back to basics”. Britney however, is still doing phenomenally well after 14 years in the business!

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