Christina Aguilera’s Cast Due To Cutting Accident

People magazine reports that has been wearing a cast in recent days because of a cutting accident with a piece of glass, not an argument with a zealous fan at a Paris nightclub has had previously been reported. “Her arm will remain in a cast for a few weeks in order for her injuries to heal correctly. It is uncomfortable and she has it in a sling to rest it,” Aguilera’s publicist, Jill Fritzo said. She added that the injury “had nothing to do with a fan.”

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5 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Cast Due To Cutting Accident

  1. EveryoneSucks says:

    i hope she gets better. and here come the bashers– she’s not cutting herself everyone, so forget it.

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    Christina’s been a bulimic white girl. A fat, faux Latina and a plastic Marilyn Monroe. Now she’s Gwen Stefani? Marilyn was nothing but a whore and a heroin addict. It’d be virtually impossible to tarnish Marilyn’s image, but leave Gwen out of it. She’s humble, wholesome beauty, she must be losing countless hours of sleep knowing this confused half-breed is slowly turning into her mini-me.

  3. ilovechristinaaguilera says:

    You now, even if u don’t like her, u don’t have to be (RO)’, ‘evil. That’s just wrong.

  4. LiLmissPopStaR says:

    poor thing, I don’t care what neone says …. people who would want anyone to cut their throat, no matter how much u hate them, thats evil… and if you’re like that, get a life. Stop hating on something that your envious of… It doesn’t matter how much people deny it, the truth always shows through.. and people that talk like that are transparent. ;)

    Of course she’s not cutting herself.

    Transparent , see through, just like filtered water… one word. Predictable… You don’t get what I mean? Press Alt and F4 at the same time and a message will pop up, it’s specifically for you/ you know.

  5. fayefan says:

    Hope my girl gets better soon. Lord knows they were others who deserved it more than she did. *cough*

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