Christina Aguilera’s Corporation Retains Lawyers For FansRule Fight

and her corporation, Three Wishes Productions, Inc. have retained lawyers in the FansRule bankruptcy proceedings in an effort to get refunds for the fans who paid money to FansRule to purchase concert tickets, and whose money has not been re-paid. Those fans may have received notice from the former Chapter 11 Trustee, Joseph Baldiga, of a “Motion for Order Clarifying Priority and Treatment of Certain Claims” and a scheduled hearing on that motion for August 17, 2004 at 11:30 a.m. at the Bankruptcy Court in Worcester, Massachusetts. In that motion, Mr. Baldiga is seeking an order making his own fee a higher priority than repayment to consumers. Aguilera’s lawyers have filed a formal written opposition to Mr. Baldiga’s motion, and intend to be at the hearing on August 17 to present oral argument in opposition. Fans also have the right to be present at the hearing on their own or through their own counsel. Aguilera will be advising fans of the result of the hearing, and we will otherwise keep them apprised of their efforts to obtain reimbursement on their claims.

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