Christina Aguilera’s Freedom In My Opinion

Oh! I’m beginning to feel furious!

Christina is talking about being free in artistical way– to do what she wants to do (make her own music, make a new music style, to explore areas in music not popular but attractive to her), to be free in dressing sexy and not being blamed for it, to dress stylish (hey, the 1930s era!!!), to encourage women.
She sees herself as some kind of a woman who is able (and who can) do something to make people happier. I think the difference between Britney Spears’ and Christina’s ‘freedoms’ are that Britney is free to herself only and Chris wants to bring freedom for everyone. Clearly speaking? Understandable?

Then. She (Aguilera) appeared in ‘Declare Yourself’ campaign–it shows her interest in political life of her country, she’s not indifferent.
She’ll appear in ‘Choose or Loose’ thing– she’s not indifferent about youth, American youth’s upbringing (whatever).

Then the David LaChapelle shoot is made for the Andy Warhol museum, it’s great, I mean not her body is to be seen but the whole picture. Why are you trying to pay so much attention to her body and ass??? Be more opened and view the pictures without your sex-fantasies and without ‘hotness in your pants’!!!! Man, its art, modern art!!!! You don’t call Eva a prostitute for standing naked with Adam and you don’t say that ladies on Leonardo’s works are hot for being naked. You don’t discuss women’s asses on the 15th century paintings, do you? If you do— it just shows your culture level, that’s all.

She promoted the Mercedes car, promoted the Shar Tale cartoon, been there, been here…Gosh! So much in two months!

And for what she wears…

FIRST-Christina’s wardrobe is Christina’s wardrobe and nor me nor anybody else is responsible for what she is wearing. It’s her own business and I don’t give a care what she wears to a club, unless I’m wearing the same (that would be fantastic!)

SECOND- Then I just wanted to comment her new official 2005 calendar. And Aguilera’s Monroe look. Look at the calendar closely. Can’t you see one thing– its all in the 30s-40s style. Okay, next. See the picture were she’s holding a paper with notes and her hand is on her neck? Does this picture remind you anything? It’s Josefine Baker ‘The black Pantere’– supreme Moulin Rouge 1930s dancer (picture is made in the style of). I was so amazed when I saw the picture– truly great and brilliantly done!
All other pictures are no worse– they’re great, I’ve got not a thing against. Attractive, tasteful and… Yes… sexy. And Monroe is Monroe!!!! Christina is Christina!!! Monroe would’ve never gone ‘Dirrty’-she’s clean and sweet. To clear out what she’s(Aguilera) doing– she’s reinventing the style of the 60s, trying to experiment with Monroe’s wardrobe. Like an experiment– ‘if Marilyn was alive what would she wear?’
A Prostitute is the one who sells her body, giving herself to men for money. A prostitute is in need of money, she often doesn’t enjoy her life. She often hates males, hates females, hates herself.
She’ll have sex with anyone who can give her money. She doesn’t choose.

And on Christina’s case– Christina sells the reflections of her body, she sells the pictures on which her body is portrayed and no man can reach her insides by looking on the pictures. (I hope my English is good enough for you to understand what I mean). She is indifferent of what some may think of her.
She does it on her own will.
She is not in need of money.
She can choose.
She has a boyfriend.
She’s got enough money to buy any guy she wants NOT vice versa.

Okay… I’ve got my word. Let me see yours…
Britney’s great, though!

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