Christina Aguilera’s Latina Side?

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My friend who runs the biggest Christina Aguilera Fan Club in Brazil found out about and she asked me to post this “Open Letter” to Christina. She is a huge fan and I’m sure she is saying this for the best. I’m not responsible for her words, but actually I agree with her. Read on for the letter.

“Okay, before I begin, I must say I’m a huge X-tina fan. She is really talented and deserves all the success she has, but I gotta say something about X-tina’s recent look. She gained a lot of weight, fine, she is healthy, but she said its part of her ‘Latina side’. Christina sweety, your dad might be from Latin America, but your body DOES NOT FIT on the Latina category. has the bone structure of a Latina woman, you don’t.”

“My point is, you are beautiful, I love you, but you just don’t look like a Latin woman or someone who has a ‘Latina Side.’ You actually look fat and not so hot. So get over your ‘Latina side’ and get on a diet and get back to what you used to be, ‘cuz you looked wonderful back then… Much Love, Andreia.”

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4 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Latina Side?

  1. ggg says:

    wtf?? not all Latinas fit to the curvy big butt category.. I’m Latina ad I’m not any of those

  2. Theresa says:

    WHAT? I’m 100% CUBARICAN!!!! And I don’t have a big butt or big boobs? What does that gotta do with being a Latina? There are white girls with big butts too! Not just Latinas or black girls!

  3. Waldir Marchán Prado says:

    Well, well, well, here I see there is a big confusion, Andreia, Christina Aguilera is an American Singer who has Ecuadorian and Irish roots, it means she is half Latin American(Ecuadorian) and half Irish.
    Now , what do you mean with she does not fit on the Latin American category, why , because she is so white? or because her body is not like Jennifer Lopez, PLEASE stop thinking that all Latin American woman have to look like Jennifer Lopez, PLEASE STOP THINKING THAT WE ARE A RACE, WE ARE NOT A RACE,In Latin America there are 4 main type of races: The main one is the Mestizo(mixed race) , indigenous , whites and blacks, yes ladies and gentleman, we have whites and blacks as well, that what you consider “Latino” is not really Latino, it’s mestizo, it’s the look of the mixed race, mixed of white, indigenous and black, and that category is the one where most Latin Americans fit, that’s why the confusion.
    Andreia you said “you don’t look like Latina woman” where are you from? Are you from Brazil? Are you from South America? You forget that almost all Argentinian and Uruguayan girls look like Christina Aguilera, and those South Americans girls are Latinas as well, Giselle Bundchen (Brazilian model) and Xuxa(Brazilian Tv presenter) are blondes and don’t have big butts and they are LATINAS as well, Valeria Mazza(Argentinian model) looks like Christina Aguilera and Valeria Mazza is Latina as well.
    We even have blacks in Latin America, look Pele(Brazilian football player) and Celia Cruz(Cuban singer)
    and we have indigenous people or Native like George Lopez and the president of Bolivia so , what are you talking about? You mean she doesn’t look MESTIZA(Mixed race) that is the proper term. You don’t need to be a genius to see the difference between those people, PLEASE GET OUT OF YOU HEAD THAT WE LATIN AMERICANS ARE A RACE, Just take a look at the Mexican Soap Operas where some of those actresses are even blonder than some American white girls. Eveything about knowing other people’s cultures and you will see how this messy world would be a better place to live in.

    I’m from Peru, and 15 % on the Peruvian population is white, and those Peruvian whites which belong to the percentage look like Christina Aguilera and they are Latinas as well, it’s so common in High class Peruvian neighborhood to see girls like Christina Aguilera. You see everyday we learn something new

  4. Dáithí O Bhranagáin says:

    I agree 100% with what Waldir Marchán Prado says, very smart!
    I’m from Ireland and I’m 100% Irish, yet I have a massive Jlo booty and so do my two sisters, lots of girls, even guys over here have big Jlo booties, not just a Latino/a thing at all.
    And sure whats the problem if Christina made that comment about the Latina in her anyway? You shouldn’t get so offended over nothing.

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