Christina Aguilera’s Mom Speaks Out Against Pier Dominguez

Contributed by xtinafanalways:

My name is Nick Tyler, I told Christina Aguilera’s mom about that new unauthorized biography and even though she hasn’t read it, she doesn’t seem to like it, I guess because of the woman who gave that author the review. Here’s her e-mail:


I just now found and opened your email (forgive me, but there are over 12,000 emails here with hundreds pouring in each day. I alone read through and answer my mail, so it took me quite awhile to find yours).

No, I’ve never heard of these people, nor of this ridiculous book. After Christina became famous, we were shocked to find out that people were allowed to write books that were total fiction while misleading the public to think they were true reporting. I truly don’t understand how this Pier whoever can sleep at night…the same with other irresponsible journalists only out to make money. A true journalist who supposedly “researched” something so well, you’d assume, would have tried to contact us at least once to ask questions and gather first hand information, rather than piece together fairy tales that tabloids are famous for inventing.

And seeing as this Kitty Kelly person, you say, has become famous for writing dirt which is invented in her own imagination just to make money, she’s probably the only person who’d give this pier guy a decent review.

It’s so disappointing…what the world’s come to today. If people only knew just how many lies are spread about celebrities, they’d be furious at having been so mislead.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to bring this to my attention. God help these journalists…they can’t be very happy people if that’s the best people they be and the only thing they can do to make a living—invent sleazy lies about people. Very sad statement.

God bless and thanks so much,

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