Christina Aguilera’s Mother Clears Up Tour Rumors

Christina Aguilera’s mother Shelly Kearns has posted a new message on the Xposed forum after rumors surfaced that Christina would be going on a second U.S. tour beginning in February. Shelly writes, “Hey folks, I’ve been hearing from a lot of you about some nonsense concerning a repeat USA tour in Feb. The only show dates we have in Feb. are in Latin America, not the USA.”

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6 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Mother Clears Up Tour Rumors

  1. Tig says:

    It’s amazing how Shelly, RCA and her crew are over-working Christina……..B. I don’t like it one bit. Did you see her Sing Dirty/Fighter on the VMA’s…her voice was straining. and on 106 and park, she looked tired. It’s time for her to rest. Time for her to enjoy Stripped’s Success…she could have made Fighter and Can’t Hold Me Down hits…if she could do the Talk show circuit. Like all the others. Give her a break…she’s been touring for Months.

  2. jimmypee says:

    She’s not being overworked. She’s just fine. her performance was tight….her vocals were great.

  3. liya492 says:

    I think fighter and down are hits. she has really improved has a singer and songwriter. she sold 10 millions with genie in a bottle, 2 millions with her Spanish version album. dirty sold have many records? I think this time she is in charge of her career and all decisions

  4. Tig says:

    Sorry but, I know people in her CAMP at RCA,,they are working her to death. Trust that. I like her as a person and have met her on several occasions. Unless you know from insider’s point of view, trust me on this one.

  5. elexis1200 says:

    No they weren’t she sounded like she was giving birth. I do think she needs a break but I mean she’s just trying to get all they hype she can get before Britney comes pitty

  6. janibella says:

    HI TIG I read your first comment about RCA over-working Christina and I just wanted to ask you if your source is reliable because when Christina was on hiatus, she did an interview for ALLURE (that was a while ago) where she said she fired Steve Kurzt her ex-manager in late 2000 because he was planning shows behind her back which made her feel really tired.she even said that she didn’t have the time to sleep anymore and she thought she was gonna loose her point is if what you said was indeed true then it’s the same thing happening to her again.then how come she said that she’s more in control of her career?? I also noticed that her voice was tired like you said but not just during the vma’s.ever since her comeback her live performances simply are not as good as they used to be (vocally speaking). Her tour was good but I expected much more from her.her first tour was incredible. I’m not saying she sucked I’m just worried about her vocal health.i hope you understood what I meant.

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