Christina Aguilera’s Mother Defends Strict Fan Club Moderation

’s mother Shelly Kearns defended the official fan club forum’s strict moderation today, and even advised those that want to post negative remarks about her daughter to post them here on Kearns wrote, “These are the OFFICIAL forums. This fact alone is what makes all the difference in the world. The difference is this: I intended on creating a place for Christina’s true, supportive fans to come to share interests and information and common support for Christina (and for each other!) together…. a place where they don’t have to worry about the usual nasty, mean spirited people or even the negativity and critical atmosphere that we all have to put up with at fan based or non official forums. That isn’t necessary, and in an official forum, there is no excuse.” For those that disagree, she advised, “Remember… Nobody’s keeping him from his opinion. That’s what LiveDaily, PopDirt, and any loosely moderated boards are for. Therefore, Go forth, young man, and express yourself to your hearts desire—–but do it there, NOT here.”

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8 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Mother Defends Strict Fan Club Moderation

  1. EvanescenceSucks says:

    I think it’s okay to ban stuff like flame bait and troll posts– you know, the blatant “XTINA SUX! SHE’S A HO! YOU SUCK FOR LIKING HER!!!” stuff, but if they’re going to censor constructive criticism like “I saw her performance last night and she sang great but she looked tired when she was dancing” or “The stripped CD is good but I didn’t like CHUD as a single” then she’s overreacting.

  2. Stallion says:

    Funny the artist that we defend or bash on this website probably knows that popdirt exist and they probably could care less what we say here.

  3. tena says:

    I happen to agree for once with the big nose stage mom gone run wild. She has a point, it should be a place for fans who like her, it is a fansite. Freedom of speech has limits. I mean would you let a house guest call say all kinds of *****. I mean her mom is there and it is a place where she reads the messages. I agree that all the messages should not have to be praising and ass-kissing, and occasional negative, but, tasteful comments. If she just wants purely positive stuff, that is a bit much. I mean even she should be giving her daughter constructive criticism.

  4. XTremeKaos says:

    I’m not usually in the Christina threads here because I’m a Backstreet chick, and I’d rather stay in the BsB and *N Sync threads because my Boys are always brought up there, but this kind of peaked my interest. (kind of long yeah….but worth the read, I think most will agree) I would rather come to Popdirt where everyone is arguing over the stupidest crap ever than go to forum where everyone is bored to death with agreeing with everything that’s ever brought up. That is not life and that is not fun and everyone likes to have a stupid argument now and then. People like Shelly, who is obviously just being the overprotective mother on this one, just doesn’t get it, and is pretty much downing Popdirt because the users here can speak their minds freely without having to sugarcoat anything. More so than any other website online, I LOVE Popdirt. I think this website is the best online, more so than any other website I go to. It provides a lot of news and fights, which are highly entertaining and funny beyond reason, even if they can get out of control sometimes. And it doesn’t concentrate on one artist, it has a lot of different people on here and the comments let everyone throw in there opinion. I was mad when the comments were ended for the polls, because the arguments there were what made me join Popdirt in the first place (which kind of touches on the threats MusicMan has made about getting rid of them; I know everyone would hate it if they were gotten rid of). All the fights would end, all the opinions thrown out the door, and well…you can find the same news anywhere. The comments are what make coming here worth while.

  5. XtinaFan says:

    Livedaily is pretty cool, loosely moderated yes. Popdirt is DISGUSTING. The most hateful, disgusting pieces of sh** come here to bash other artists. It’s disgusting. Seriously. Haters on Popdirt really do sicken me.

  6. JuniorGirl04 says:

    But it doesn’t sound like to me that they’re saying no negative stuff…they mean, if you don’t like Christina and have nothing positive to say…don’t go there and don’t mess up the board with bull*****. I don’t think it means that everyone has to like what she’s doing all the time…it needs to be presented in a respectful manner.

  7. Julie816 says:

    Hey Shelly, you’re always talking about people speaking their mind and being themselves as your wh8re of a daughter. Both mother and daughter are hypocrites and phony. It’s like “I can say anything I want, but you can’t say anything bad about me.” Also, if people are moronic enough to pay 35 dollars a year to go on this idiotic website it’s considered their forum not yours Shelly. Shelly is like her wh8re of a daughter always trying to cut other artists down because they seem more popular. Shelly is trying to accuse Kelly Clarkson of stealing Christina song that’s just a pathetic move and Christina trying to dis Madonna after the VMA performance. Christina is a jealous b*tch just because she didn’t get anything out of the kiss she has to go out and diss people to get attention like Avril and Kelly Osbourne. It’s ironic that Christina is always screaming that people are jealous of her when she’s no body to the eyes of Madonna or J.lo.

  8. lauren says:

    you’re a great singer and I’m a big fan

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