Christina Aguilera’s Outfit Makes Grammys More Entertaining

Peter Castro, the assistant managing editor of People magazine was on CNN’s ‘American Morning’ to discuss the Grammy Awards. Castro felt the artists at the show were “a little too well-behaved. We want our pop stars to be a little naughty. And I felt like Les Moonves — everyone knew that perhaps Les Moonves was in the control room monitoring the situation.” But Castro did like ’s outfit and remarks. “Thank god for Christina Aguilera, who made the night slightly — well, a lot more entertaining than it could have been,” he said, adding, “But, you know, she did inject much-needed, you know, naughtiness into the telecast. I think people were so freaked out about the thing that they were a little too well-behaved, but the performances were great. It was — you know, there were parts that were really memorable and touching. So, overall it was a great telecast, but you just wanted a little more raciness.” Read more.

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