Christina Aguilera’s Secret Hotel Name reports that is checked into a Sydney hotel this week as Norma Jean (aka Marilyn Monroe).

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9 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Secret Hotel Name

  1. amusicfanofsoul says:

    ok I’m a Christina fan…but who gives a dam*! Every celeb does that!

  2. fighter4xtina says:

    hehe what a cutie, she’s a big Marilyn Munroe fan

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    Cute, but I wonder how many other people use this name when they check in to hotels.

  4. breez says:

    Talking about yourself again I see? tut tut try not to be so self-involved.

  5. amusicfanofsoul says:

    how is she a moron? well lets call Britney one too…’, ‘because I know for a fact she has used another celebs name.

  6. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    Ohh that’s awesome!! I love marilyn too, ive read a lot about her, I’ve drawn pictures of her and just last nite I taped one of her films! RIP Norma Jeane

  7. JMAX says:

    When people use fake names, don’t they usually do it so people don’t know it’s them and because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. But using a famous name like Norma Jean, people are going to know it’s fake and she is only going to draw more attention to herself.

  8. jimmypee says:

    flopney checks in as Hulk Hogan. its her real name. no surprise Christina uses that name…someone, who, like her, is timelessly sexy and beautiful.

  9. blondeambiti0n says:

    Uuughhhh NO! Geez, why does this girl have to try and rip off Marilyn every chance she gets? I agree with the person earlier in this thread that said she thinks she is the next Marilyn Monroe. WRONG! Far from it. She’s a wannabe, but ain’t gonna be.

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