Christina Aguilera’s Show After Her Wild Night Out

performed in Oslo, Norway yesterday, after her wild night out in Stockholm, where she had to be carried by her bodyguard after drinking too much.

The show was amazing, however, when Christina came on stage and started singing Dirrty, her mike fell on the floor. Then after a few songs one of her fake eyelashes fell of, so she had to remove the other one too. Then at the end, her bra-like top came undone in the back, so one of her dancers had to tie it while Christina drank some water trying to distract the crowd.

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Show After Her Wild Night Out

  1. Angel_M says:

    lol that’s pretty funny…. Anyway, I know those days where everything just goes wrong and you can’t do anything about it….she probably just had one of those! And I don’t think it was because of her night out, because that was Thursday….I think she’s pretty much recovered from that… Christina you rock baby.

  2. guess says:

    bad!! I’m going to see her in October and if its anything like this 1 sounds its gonna be wicked! Yay Christina

  3. Angel_M says:

    I saw her In Denmark like 4 days ago and it was CRAZY…the girl knows how to put on an AMAZING show, her voice is off the hook….plus it didn’t hurt that she looked very sexy and was very sweet and very happy (laughed all the time) Christina = HOT STUFF!!!!! I LOVE HER!

  4. perfectly-imperfect says:

    What a klutzy ‘performer’. She does not belong anywhere near a stage. People must agree with me, since her shows aren’t exactly sell-outs. :-0

  5. collins_xtina says:

    I think that’s a false rumor! Are you very sure that she’s DRUNK?! anyway she did a great performance! Go Christina you rock my Girl!

  6. JenJen84 says:

    I was in her Stockholm concert. And yes, she went out partying _hard_. There were pictures in the magazines, where her bodyguard had to lift and carry her when she fell outside her hotel. Look –>,2789,366432,00.html Her show was amazing! She just lost her voice when she started singing the second Etta James song. She even needed a doctor :( I took a lot of pictures and she waved at me, lol. :)

  7. Angel_M says:

    I think the doctor came because her jaw got dislocated during her concert and I think it was during that Etta James song…anyway, that’s what it said in the newspaper.

  8. DirrtySlave01 says:

    *adds another reason to the list of “Why Britney Spears is a better performer than Xtina* ;-)

  9. kmills485 says:

    I think it’s kind of funny to read everyone’s comments regarding X-tina’s recent show. I’d really like to see some of you guys who are hating on her get up on stage and sing while dancing and performing. As for the eyelashes and top, not her fault. As for dropping the mic, this happens to a lot of performers! Well maybe not Britney cause she always wears the headset…I guess that makes her lip syncing sound better…lol

  10. single_female_lawyer says:

    ^ oh yea remember that time Britney slipped and busted her ass in the middle of baby one more time??….yea think about that for a minute. but Christina was just having a bad day I can totally relate.I kinda proves that she’s normal and is a total klutz..ha ha but that most have been kinda funny. Go X-Tina!

  11. Daz76 says:

    I think this is false, but if it’s true that was funny as hell… And Christina puts on a great show, I saw her too and it was amazing, she was sexy, cute, nice and smiling all the time and she sounded awesome! I Love you Christina!

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