Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’ A Flop? Not Hardly

Contributed anonymously:

I didn’t even read all of that response because I knew it would be full on nonsense. Just like I skip most of these essays on popdirt.

I am no fan. I’m not a Britney fan either, but it’s just bizarre to me how each set of fans submit all these one-sided essays and think they are proving something.

Britney Spears sells records. She also sells out tours. It what she does. You can’t take that away from her by saying she only succeeds because her fans are “dumb”. That’s ignorant. But on the hand, Christina Aguilera wins Grammy’s and has the respect of the reocrding industry. She has credibility. So, both artists are successful in their own ways. Saying Christina’s CD is a flop is equivalent to saying that Britney’s voice is a flop. Where one seems to falter, the other excels.

And also, if you honestly think Stripped is a flop, you don’t know much about the recording industry. Most CDs that are released don’t even go gold. Actually I think the percentage of CDs that fail all together is like in the 90th percentile. So, if you think going multiplatinum 3 times, you’re sorely mistaken.

Yes, Stripped doesn’t have the numbers that Britney does, but few artists do pull in those amazing numbers. But Britney has yet to receive encouragement from the industry as a whole. Christina has long been favored as the “talent” and brought home countless awards, which Britney hasn’t. Sales aren’t the only criterion to measure success. I know I’d rather have a shelf of Grammy’s than to purely sell a large amount of CDs with no validation from my peers. But Britney does her thing and does it well. She works hard–as does Christina.

So, I don’t think you should set the barometer of music industry success on whether a CD sells as much as Britney; that’s foolish. I think some of you should get your facts straight before you submit “news” to popdirt.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’ A Flop? Not Hardly

  1. SJ says:

    Get over it already! “I think some of you should get your facts straight before you submit “news” to popdirt.”… I F*CKIN AGREE 100%

  2. Jive says:

    Finally an essay that shows both sides. At least she knows both Britney and Christina are special in their own way. Christina is the greatest vocalist out there and Britney is the performer.

  3. AliciaMoore says:

    You kinda missed the point there, I’m not too fond of Brit myself, but this article is about the fact that Christina and Britney both have talent in their own ways, and both have different styles, so you should not compare them or insult them just because you don’t like it.

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    I think who ever wrote this missed the point of the original essay. It wasn’t to prove that Britney is better, or Christina is better. It was to show all those idiots who said ‘Britney’ flopped that they were wrong. ‘Stripped’ isn’t a flop, no by my standards at least. But if you say that ‘Britney’ was a flop, then by those standards, Stripped was too. Maybe all you haters should learn to read before you write a response to an essay that you totally missed the point off. Typical.

  5. Jive says:

    The essay is well written, but I hope that the writer would just register, and don’t be afraid to be fans of both Britney and Christina. Many fans won’t admit they are fans. Anyway, Christina got some pipes and girl can SING, and Britney PERFORMS her ass off. You’re right that no Grammy’s is nothing, but there are many talented artist from the past and now that haven’t won a grammy. Christina deserves all her grammy’s and I wish her the best this year’s Grammy’s and I’m a Britney fan saying this.

  6. jimmypee says:

    no Britney is NOT “the performer”. her performances *****ing suck. she can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t interact, and her “performances” have been ripped to shreds lately by everyone from the critics to her own fans. Christina is “the performer”….she can sing, she can dance a hell of a lot better than Britney (go watch the VMAS…Britney was LOST without her robotic choreography), and her performances are getting praised left right and center. and can you all please stop this bull*****. Stripped has already outsold Britney, despite sales decreasing, and still has a lot of sales yet to come. nevermind how its going to whip ITZs ass sales-wise too. Christina’s got everything…the respect, the talent, the Grammys, AND, now, the sales.

  7. Jive says:

    When I said Britney was a Performer, I meant she does everything on stage. You can’t compare Christina’s Dirrty performance in the 2003 vma’s to Britney’s 2000, and 2001 vma performances. Christina can sing and has a great voice and rare talent. I know that. Even I a Britney fan know that. But Stripped hasn’t outsold Britney. Britney stands in at the 15 million sales mark while stripped is a little over 10 million.

  8. amusicfanofsoul says:

    And may I add that I believe Britney can dance circles around Christina anytime, anywhere…when it is learned. but put them on a stage to freestyling and I know for a fact that Christina will show Britney up so badly.

  9. -SunnyLou- says:

    Congratulations. I do believe this is the most logical (not to mention least biased) essay I’ve ever read on popdirt. I can’t stand Christina, and Britney’s been annoying the hell out of me lately, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that neither of these young ladies are “flops”. Considering the pathetic state that the music industry is in, I’d say that these two women have sold their asses off. Whether you consider their music to be great, or great SH*T, you can’t deny that it’s sold well. It’s an honor to go platinum, and I doubt that half of you could put out a CD that would even go gold. But… I digress. Nice job.

  10. culturalpoetics says:

    you compare the market success or failure of an album on the artist’s past results. “Christina” sold 12 million, and “stripped” 9+. lower, but no flop there.\n\nif not, in that case even Britney (with her 60 million+) is a flop compared to Mariah carey’s album sales (150 million +) and her 10 consecutive # 1 hits (one every year in the 90s). despite her current “problems”, she’s a legend for a reason.

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