Christina Aguilera’s Thoughts On Her Grammy Nominations

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According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Christina Aguilera found out last week that she was up for five Grammys. “I hope for the best,” she told journalists in Sydney of her chances in the awards. “I feel so fortunate to be 22 right now and having three Grammys under my belt, which is amazing.” Christina shied away from saying she was confident of winning an award, but said, “Maybe best pop female vocal. I am kind of keeping my fingers crossed but you never know what is going on behind the scenes.” Christina would not be drawn into a debate over whether she or had the better shaped bottom, diplomatically saying: “Good bums come in all shapes and sizes.” Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Thoughts On Her Grammy Nominations

  1. Souldecision says:

    I think Christina really deserves the Best Pop Female Vocal. It’ll be nice if she wins two or three, Stripped really deserves those awards! Good Luck Christina on the Grammys!

  2. Carrie says:

    Her voice deserves all those Grammys. You win those things for talent. The girl has it 100%.

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    “Her voice deserves all those Grammys. You win those things for talent. The girl has it 100%” You said it, Carrie. As I’ve said before: ”3 Grammys and counting” TAKE THAT HATERS

  4. Angel_M says:

    Yeah, Christina deserves all five Grammys for sure… she’s gonna win them, so back off people!!!! You go Christina.

  5. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    I’m new on this site and the things I have read are very mean both towards Britney and Christina! I like both of them the same but I feel like you guys shouldn’t diss everything about Christina and the same goes for Britney! here’s how I see it Christina=artist, Britney=entertainer and a great performer. Britney is a very good dancer I mean if you say she can’t dance then I don’t know what you are on! I mean you have seen her videos and her performances! you cannot diss her on that! but Christina is probably one of the best singers today. she has a beautiful voice and she shows it! congrats to her on the nominations and to her in the future and the same goes for Britney!

  6. Danisha says:

    Christina Aguilera has this category in the bag this year. She’s a lock to win it and everyone knows it.

  7. JMAX says:

    If you read the rest of the article, you’ll see her talk about coming out of the closet and banging a kangaroo. Okay, maybe she said she was coming out of the bottle and that she pat a kangaroo. My mistake. ;D Good luck at the Grammy Awards, Xtina. And I mean that from the heart of my bottom (which is very well-shaped.)

  8. Danisha says:

    Britney Spears is not a great dancer. Her ‘dancing’ is stiff & mechanical; totally robotic. When she performs, she rushes through choreography and looks completely uninterested. That’s called half-steppin’. And save that ‘she’s a great performer’ bull crap for the MTV teenies. Great performers sing live. This thread is about Xtina’s GRAMMY nominations, not Britney’s half-stepping, lip synching ass.

  9. JMAX says:

    This has been said a hundred times, but here it is again.. The deadline is in September, and Britney did not release a single or her album before then, so she did not qualify this year. But MATM and In The Zone will be eligible next year. And she has been nominated multiple times in the past.

  10. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    I mean I am sorry if I offended you but its my opinion about her and she does have a natural talent for dancing. Christina is a great dancer too she was good at the VMAs and her concert on the wb was amazing.

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