Christina And Britney Copy Madonna Too Much

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As we all know Britney Spears has the same kind of career as Madonna and is considered the young Madonna. Why can’t these girls just be themselves? More so a copy cat of Madonna is Christina Aguilera. She takes played out topics about the sex double standard against females, sexual issue, and makes songs about them as if she is this controversial original artist. All she is going is taking Madonna’s old songs and statements and 10 years later repeating what Madonna has already said. She acts like she is so different and edgy when all she does it takes Madonna’s bold statements and plays it safe by trying to cause controversy using her old messages.

NOW she is coming out with a song on her new album called “religion X” which was described as a ‘controversial religion song’. Could she COPY Madonna ANY more?! Now she is taking the “I’m not religious” Madonna statements and trying to be controversial WHEN MADONNA HAS DONE THAT FOR YEARS. She is recycling all Madonna’s real controversial messages and telling the media how she is so ‘bold’ and ‘not afraid to speak her mind’. She doesn’t have a mind of her own. She takes Madonna’s words and paraphrases them and acts like she is a credible ORIGINAL artist. Its one thing to look up to Madonna as a performer. But Christina takes it to a whole other level. By stealing her big controversial messages.

Madonna’s whole gimmick is the controversial sexual woman who has done controversial religious songs/videos like “like a prayer”. And now Christina is going to further her mimicking Madonna and acting like she is the first and only person to make this statement. Christina, get a mind of your own. She is so unoriginal and predictable. Even the fact that she is constantly changing her look dramatically. Who has been doing that for 20 years? Madonna. Come up with your OWN ideas. Why can’t pop stars BE THEMSELVES!!!

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One thought on “Christina And Britney Copy Madonna Too Much

  1. Mikel says:

    I totally agree with what you have said. Christina has copied and watered down (although she’s made it skanky) all that Madonna has done. When Christina does it, it comes off as desperate and pathetic. Taking inspiration from something is one thing but to do exactly the same thing is just so unoriginal.

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