Christina Cancels World Music Awards Performance Over Mariah

The Daily Star reports pulled out of performing at the World Music Awards at the last minute because she didn’t want to appear on the same stage as Mariah Carey. “Christina felt she didn’t want to be associated with Mariah’s brand of schmaltzy songs,” a source revealed. Another insider suggested another excuse: “Christina’s really quite daunted by Mariah’s vocal abilities.”

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11 thoughts on “Christina Cancels World Music Awards Performance Over Mariah

  1. musikluver says:

    What a stupid woman.. she would look like sh** up against Mariah anyway… Mariah’ voice is so much mature and better than Christina’s any day… see.. everything is all about her.. she don’t give a sh** about her fans or anybody for that matter.

  2. anti_avril says:

    That was rude for her to say that but I agree

  3. xtinarox says:

    Good, she can do whatever she wants to..whether this is a rumor or not..i don’t really care as long as Christina does what she feels comfortable with..she always has reasons why she cancels or reschedules her appearance whether it’s her concert, tour, or awards performance, etc.

    Shut the hell up.. She can do whatever she wants to.. She wouldn’t look sh** up against Mariah, you do not know if it’s a rumor or not.

  4. Kizzardkid says:

    This is so not true, how many times have we heard that Mariah is Christina’s #1 idol? This is bull crap, I don’t think Christina would even say that.

  5. iverson_babygurl_3 says:

    Yeah, Mariah can sing, but y’all gotta admit she’s been losing it. she ain’t nothing compared to when she first came out. if it’s true I’d say, girl go up there and do your thing. after all no one can hold you down. It don’t sound real though. If I had Christina’s voice I wouldn’t give a damn who else was performing cause I’d be doing my thing. now if I had Britney’s voice, it’s a different story. I’d back out of every performance except for one against Hilary Duff.

  6. HoneyRain says:

    Nice try Daily Star but we all know (well.. at least us smart people) that this is a bunch of bull crap. Christina has admitting more than once that Mariah is one of her idols and that she grew up listening to her.. Christina and Mariah are both great singers and sing GREAT songs.. I personally would love to see them do a duet.

  7. Madfan says:

    “Christina’s really quite daunted by Mariah’s vocal abilities.” Are you kidding??? Mariah Carey CAN’T sing…Christina Aguilera CAN damn sweep her away in ANY singing and vocal competition.

  8. Kizzardkid says:

    Plus you guys, why would she sing on this show when she has postponed her tour cause she’s sick? People love to make up rumors.

  9. HoneyRain says:

    Besides.. I highly doubt that Christina would cancel any chance at performing at an awards show.. this whole story makes no sense at all.. why?.. because it’s simply not true. Christina admires Mariah and they both possess 2 of the most powerful voices in the music industry right now.. the media just loves to put words in Christina’s mouth.. eh.. it’s their job and they’re making zillions off the idiots who believe it

  10. 2000 says:

    She had to cancel her performance WMA because they had to reschedule one of her tour dates that day.

  11. cwaaft says:

    All you have to do is listing to Christina’s new single to know the totally rips off Mariah’s singing style. It would be very obvious if they performed on the same show. I’m sure that’s why Christina backed out. That and the fact that Mariah hates the skank’s scrawny orange ass.

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