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made her first appearance on TV after being hospitalized last week before Wednesday’s ‘American Idol’. The singer stopped by MTV”s Total Request Live on Monday and talked about what happened and what her future musical plans are. The show’s judges were also on hand and gave their opinions on Christina. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: please welcome the latest to be voted off, Christina Christian:


Quddus: Nice to meet you. Welcome to TRL. We are all pretty sorry to hear you got voted off last week and since then a lot of rum mores circulating about why you weren’t there and what happened. Why don’t you tell the people exactly what happened.

Christina: I was basically dehydrated, I had a fever, blood pressure was low, I’m cool now and all better.

Quddus: All right. Good where were you watchin’ the show when you got the –.

Christina: Actually I left the hospital and the rest of the contestants met me at my hotel so we had a blast.

Quddus: You are really cool like that.

Christina: Yeah, we had a good time.

Quddus: Y’all


Christina: I know Simon hates that, but ….

Quddus: Last week, speaking of Simon he said he had a crush on you you know I also heard he mentioned you have a fiance.

Christina: Yeah, where is he.

Christina: He’s in the house.

Christina: I thought he was in the audience.

Quddus: I would think that would affect the votes. How do you feel that affected the votes mentioning that?

Christina: You know honestly.

Quddus: — The fellas were really disappointed.

Christina: It’s funny I was engaged way before the show. I couldn’t stop and break up with him it is me, who I will be, myself.

Quddus: All right. Cool we’ll chat more with Christina in. Why should she compromise her real-life situation, for sure more with you and right now your no. 7 video B2K “Why I Love You”


Quddus: No. 7 video B2K “why I love you”. I’m joined by the lovely Christian and last week you did the performance but didn’t get a chance to get the feedback from the judges on your performance. It’s up right now doin’ her thanks,. What judge was the worst to perform in front of, or is that obvious.

Christina: Randy.

Quddus: Randy? Why?

Christina: ‘Cause he’s critical. He really is. It is definitely Randy.

Quddus: All right. Let’s get your opinions right now judges, go down the line and break down what you think of her performance.

Randy: The last performance actually I said on here and I mean it again, I was shocked because I thought she definitely did good and should have been spared at least a couple more weeks.

Christina: Thank you.

Quddus: And Paula


Paula: I’ve always said you handle yourself with grace and dignity, were you gonna have a huge career ahead of you and I asked you, hurry up and make your record and can I have around album for free because I know you. I’ll make you give me one for free.

Christina: I will.

Paula: That’s what I said


Quddus: And Simon.

Simon: Paula, you are funny. I agree with Randy. You shouldn’t have been thrown out last week definitely not. You know, I don’t know what went on.

Christina: Thank you


Quddus: You have the opportunity to say anything you want to your fans in America.

Christina: I just want to thank everybody that voted for me. It was all the support that helped me throughout the whole competition and there will be more, I promise you that.


Quddus: All right. Now, uhm, what about the other people on the show, who do you think is going to go all the way?

Christina: I think they are all great but I really like Kelly Clarkson. That’s my girl, so ….

Quddus: All right. Let’s go outside we got a fan question for you from Times Square. Wha’ssup, D. You are out there?

Damien: It’s Damien hangin’ out sweatin’ it out in Times Square with Ian Shon and a bunch of “American Idol” fans who is your favorite judge and who do you think is fairest.

Fan: My favorite is Paula Abdul, actually the nicest one.

Damien: You like her.

Paula: Thank you.

Damien: Is it me, am I the only Simon fan? I like him. I don’t know what is it is, maybe the brutal honesty. You have a question for her go ahead.

Fan: I’m a big fan and wonder what you plan on doing with your music career and planning on recording an album soon.

Paula: Is this for Simon or Christina.

Fan: For Christina.

Christina: I definitely hope to record sooner or later. Of course the “American Idol” whoever wins that has to do it but definitely something in the future, more alternative rock, I’m into that. So, definitely something in that flavor. Uhm … but you will see something.

Quddus: Thanks for the question and for you comin’ through. I hear you will be on the show tomorrow night.

Christina: Tomorrow night, yeah I will be back to give a farewell.

Quddus: Cool. We’ll look forward to seeing you.


Quddus: All right, cool.

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