Christina Christian Voted Off ‘American Idol’ While Hospitalized

The latest contestant to be voted off ‘American Idol’ was shockingly Christina Christian, who wasn’t there to say goodbyes as she was in the hospital, reportedly suffering from dehydration. A poster on the ‘American Idol’ message board explained, “I live in her hometown — was watching the local news waiting for the report and yes, her family did call into the new station. Her Aunt gave the scoop on what happened. According to her Aunt, she woke up this morning feeling weak and was having chest pains and palpitations. She also said that Christina had lost twelve pounds since the beginning of the competition. She was taken into the hospital by the show staff.”

“After that, the station actually talked to Christina, herself, live during the report and she sounded good. She said she was feeling much better and admits that she hadn’t been taking good enough care of herself. She wasn’t drinking enough fluids, which she was receiving through IV at the hospital. She was disappointed that she couldn’t be there to say goodbye to everyone and thank everyone herself on stage.”

‘American Idol’ Top Searches And Misspellings

August 7, 2002 – June was a big month for searches on ‘American Idol’, though searches no doubt will increase when July figures come out. The term ‘American Idol’ got a whopping 294,899 searches on pay-per search engine during the month of June, while appears to be the most searched for contestant. The most common misspelling was ‘American Idle’. The show’s web site,, received 7,190 queries for the month.

EW Picks Nikki Next To Get ‘American Idol’ Boot

August 7, 2002 – Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly gave her grades for contestants on last night’s episode of ‘American Idol’. Shaw gave Tamyra Gray an ‘A’, an ‘A-‘, Nikki McKibbin a ‘C-‘, Christina Christian a ‘B+’, R.J. Helton a ‘C’, and a perfect ‘A+’. If these marks are what reflected voters last night, then Nikki is most likely to get the axe. The full story at has since been removed.

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