Christina Confronts Britney Over Stealing Her Style

The Daily Star reports confronted at a Hollywood nightclub and accused the singer of moving in on her image after the pair shared a same-sex kiss with at the MTV Video Music Awards in an attempt to boost record sales. “Christina was pretty furious that she’d unwittingly helped to vamp-up Britney’s career,” an assistant for Spears said. “They had some pretty strong words in the club and there was some bad blood. Luckily, Britney managed to calm Christina down and explained that it was good for her as well. Christina eventually realized that and was even talked into doing it again next year.”

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11 thoughts on “Christina Confronts Britney Over Stealing Her Style

  1. FaustoAguilera says:

    *laughing hysterically* What a fu**ing lie this is. For one they would never be having a conversation in the first place. And why would Christina say that she was copying her? Britney was asked by Madonna first…. Anyways if this is true then Christina needs to get a life and realize that she wasn’t the first one to dress like a whore.

  2. HoneyRain says:

    come on people.. I BEG of you NOT to believe this!!! no one is stealing anyone’s style or image.. I know Christina confronted no one.. especially not Britney.. they are cool with each other.. I wish he hadn’t posted this cause it does nothing but fan the hate between the Britney and Christina fans

  3. daywalker says:

    Christina is just scared Britney will take the attention away like before, after everything she did. I guess in the end, taking her clothes didn’t help her out.

  4. myloveislikewo says:

    IT’S TRUE!!!, Christina got a bit jealous!. I saw today in E! News Live. I’ll see if I can link a to eonline so people can see it’s more reliable. I’ll post again.

  5. XtinaFan says:

    don’t let your hatred from some1 get in the way of your common sense now THANK YOU! All haters need to learn that. It’s obvious this article is fake. OBVIOUS. But Christina haters and Britney haters want to believe it’s true so they can diss Christina and Britney. Same goes to all other negative Christina and/or Britney articles. The Daily Star = TABLOID. THANK YOU.

  6. chambers says:

    Oh, believe it. I saw it on E! today too. I guess she remembered Britney’s album is coming up and didn’t like all the attention Brit is getting. It has to be that because if anyone copied anyone, it was Christina stealing from Britney’s sexy image. EVERYONE knows Christina use to be conservative and Britney was the sex kitten.

  7. HoneyRain says:

    ^^ xtinafan..i agree with you (for once).. this is totally fake and I can’t believe there are actually idiots who believe this.. Britney and Christina are nothing alike which is a good thing.. they are 2 different artists.. they aren’t copying each other at all.. if anything they’re trying to be DIFFERENT from each other so they won’t be compared all the time.. but sadly.. stupid people are STILL comparing them.. both Britney and Christina are great artists and don’t deserve their names to be drug through the mud all the time.. can’t people find someone else to pick on sometimes?

    oh my gosh.. since when is E online the MOST RELIABLE SOURCE?? granted.. they aren’t exactly a tabloid.. but they’re pretty close when it comes to gossip and rumors.. I won’t believe it until someone plays a tape for me with Christina and Britney’s convo on it.. until then.. this is nothing but BULLSH**

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    Oh puh-leez, are you kidding? You have to mean the opposite. Christina said so herself that the all-American, goody goody image wasn’t her. Nobody didn’t copy from anybody. Just because they might wear similar clothes and stuff doesn’t mean they are copying music styles. C’mon now, stop making this into a big huge drama, they both have different personalities and both have unique styles of music, that’s the only thing that divides them both as different artists.

  9. jujusdevilchild says:

    Now I actually like the both, and don’t believe this story. But can I just say Christina had the sexy image first. Britney was the holier than now image, the virgin bull. Lady Marmalade was the first actually sexy video or outfit, then came Slave. Christina never pretended to be something she wasn’t. Also when Christina came out Britney started wearing more make up & trying harder. Not necessarily sexy, just harder to be noticed. I don’t actually think either are actually copying each other though.

  10. babet says:

    oh please. Christina has always had the sexier image. compare genie in the bottle to baby one more time. genie in the bottle was a much more sexier and seductive song than “hit me baby one more time” which was some teeny school song. the lady marmalade song was a preview of the kind of image Christina was going into. and that was way more hardcore than anything Britney has ever done. Britney can never beat out dirrty even if she tried. I bet Brintey’s gonna go the distance and appear naked in a little orgy session on the “dancefloor”. Britney’s too much of a goodie goodie to do anything outrageous. Christina has the sexiest image out there and Britney is now ranked…..number 2.

  11. annita says:

    Hmm, I was watching E! today too, but I only got to watch 15 minutes of it cause I had to teach a class (sadly it wasn’t the part about the “kiss”, though I did see they announced some news coming about them). It might not have been like this though. I don’t think Christina would say something like that because like many of you have said, “Christina was clean-cut when Britney was already sexed-up”. I think entertainment news is just doing it’s job and starting controversy. Especially now that Britney’s album is coming up, don’t you remember it happen when Christina came out with Stripped too? I don’t think she would so extremely jealous.

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