Christina Delivers Fan Friendly Message… But Fans Moan

posted a holiday message to her fans recapping 2001 and talked about her delayed upcoming album, but the lack of specifics left many fans fuming on her official site’s message board. Christina “Please know that you are all in my heart and on my mind as I am working to complete this album–your album.” Aguilera was light on specifics though as she talked about being influenced by Mariah Carey, Dr. Dre, Moby, and others but gave no specific details about any collaborations or songs.

The lack of specifics left fans furious posting such topics on her official site’s message board as, “You do realize that Christina is stalling, right?” and “This is ridiculous!! She doesn’t even give us a thread of hope to live on…” and “Aren’t any of u upset about the lack of album news?” Many fans stuck up for the tiny singer though saying, “Forget “Message Board”… this should be renamed the “Whining Board”!!” and “Stop Complaining About The Lack Of News About The Album..Damn.”

One thing is for certain, Christina Aguilera’s debut release of ‘What Child Is This’, recorded when she was only 11 years old, comes in an entirely different league of talent than Britney Spears’ 3rd grade concert performance that also debuted tonight on Entertainment Tonight (a preview to ABC’s Before They Were Famous special on Friday). Britney’s lack of vocal ability is evident as even as a grade schooler, her performance was heavily reliant on dance, while Aguilera’s talent was evident at even 11, and the fact that she’s not oversinging on the track is refreshing as well.

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