Christina Fans Are No Better Than Britney Fans & Vice Versa!

I’m sure everyone is going to complain about a stupid essay.. Well if there wasn’t the same essay’s over and over again of one fan dissing another fan’s fave singer then we wouldn’t even have to get into these things.

fans are so quick to judge Britney Spears fans or what is the word they like to call her.. Oh yeah ‘Flopney’. Which in its own right is so disrespectful. Sure go for the easy stuff.. Teenybopper. You don’t have good taste in music, you don’t know what real talent is.. Whatever.. Heard them all.

Britney does have talent. I’m not going to say she can sing her ass off, because she can’t. But consider this. Have you ever seen that show “Love is in the Heir” on E! That princess girl really can’t sing. But Britney is a performer. There are people that pay a lot of money to see her shows.. Why? Because they are entertaining.. Not because she has them under some kind of spell. Just because you don’t find it entertainment doesn’t mean it is not entertaining. Everyone has there own tastes and opinions. But judging someone by what kind of music they like is so pathetic. You would think people would know already you should never judge a book by its cover. Just because someone likes Britney does that mean they can’t like Christina, Or a different kind of music other than pop all together?

Britney Fans don’t think you are getting off so easy. You are the same, if in fact not worse. I just love to term ‘SLUTINA’. When I think it’s quite obvious that Christina is anything but. She has been in a relationship for how long? And another one years before that. And I’m sorry but the girl does have a powerful set of pipes, and I can only hope that her 3rd album is anything like ‘STRIPPED’ was because, that album was incredible. It spoke to your soul, which is what good music is suppose to do, but then again it doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. There are people out there that love Punk Rock music so does that mean that because they don’t like Christina, or Britney they don’t have good taste in music..
No.. Its just that is what kind of music they like.
Point is simple..
Britney sells a lot of records.. She makes a lot of people happy with her albums.. Her music is danceable and her shows are good.. Not for everyone but good! Honestly I’m very happy she got a record deal because I can’t imagine a music industry or the pop wave of the late 90’s without a Britney Spears, Or either!
Christina sells a lot of records.. She has an incredible voice and is showing true artistry as she progresses into the future. For those who like pop music and her sound., but once again not for everyone.

So lay off of Britney and Christina.. I mean if anyone should be hated it should be like who got a record deal because of her sister.. Or what about Paris Hilton, who because no one would give her a record deal decided to create her own label and put one out herself just because she is fu**ing rich as hell..
At least BOTH Britney and Christina were performing there whole lives, working and working to get where they are today.

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