Christina Look-Alike Defends Selling Of Autograph Photo

The woman who won the look-alike contest posted a message on the singer’s official fan forum on Sunday, explaining her decision to sell the autograph photo prize that she won. Tara-Renee writes, “Hey y’all, yes, I am the one who won the contest, and yes I sold the autographed picture on ebay, and yes, it was for a medical emergency whether you believe it or not. I have been a huge Christina fan since she first entered the music scene. If you would have seen the 20 pics I sent in for the contest (yes, 20) you could definitely see that, and I was absolutely thrilled to receive a real autographed picture of Xtina. I did not enter the contest intending to sell anything I won, I was looking forward to anything I won, if I did win. But at that time, I was not as sick and my family and I were not desperate for money. Even Christina’s #1 fan would have sold the picture for money if they were in a desperate situation like I am now. I have been ill for the past 5 months, have been to 8 doctors/neurologists/specialists and the ER countless times, and they can’t figure out what’s making me sick. Antibiotics are not helping, so my only option is to buy the best natural supplements fit specifically for my problems, and the $166. I received for the picture may not go a whole long way, but it might be enough to keep me from developing any further and more serious diseases.”

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5 thoughts on “Christina Look-Alike Defends Selling Of Autograph Photo

  1. musikluver says:

    again.. don’t fall for this Xtina….. ! I am also seriously I’ll with a fatal disease… I have the same money problems as most everyone does, but you do what you can, and you get by.. I understand her frustration , and urgency to come up with money or ways to help her, but making it publicly known the way she did is just the wrong way to go about it.. don’t beg! if anyone deserves an explanation of why she sold that picture, it would only be Xtina, not her fans. she could have found a way to get that message to her, without creating a spectacle of her problem. as being in her somewhat same position.. , and death to me is certain . sooner without treatment that takes a lot of money.. there is help.. millions of other people are in her and my same position.. I do have much sympathy for her, and only wish her the best of health. but, my question still remains… what is that $166 gonna do that the obvious thousands of dollars already spent for 8 doctors, specialists, and medicine hasn’t done.?. It just don’t make sense.. and further more,, if you are reading this,,, I don’t know where you are from, but you need to do your research…. put yourself where the best doctors are, more of them being near major cities, they deal with more people and variety of diseases. if you have seen that many doctors, and all of them can’t find out whats wrong with you, then they should be able to lead you to someone that can… I wish you the best.. but, if Christina does help you, you owe her an apology for putting her in a position that almost obligates her to help you. you are now putting her in a awkward position to make a decision in front of her fans ,and the world, that will in someway affect her life just as much as hers.

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Okay enough please… this is getting below the point. I think some of you guys are over, I mean its her life, her business. She has the right to do whatever she wants with those prizes. Why can’t we just wish her luck instead of bashing her? For sure Christina would understand.

  3. musikluver says:

    OOh Xtina-dirty.. this is coming from you.. the DIRTY QUEEN OF BASHING!!!… that is not bashing, that’s people understanding and stating their opinion.. are did you not realize that because every cuss word in the English language was not used in one sentence like your posts on Britney. yea. I’m sure Christina will understand.. but that still doesn’t change that fact she has and instant burden that just fell on her shoulders that she is in no way responsible for… would not have known this was you if I didn’t read your name…. how many personalities do you have anyway? I know you have b!tch, and B!tch and oh… then there’s b!tch…. anymore?

  4. hellahooked says:

    I feel sorry for her.. For once I agree with Xtina-Dirrty, she doesn’t need to be called any names or whatever. Hope she gets better

  5. CosmoKid says:

    Dang, poor girl. I hope she’s okay, I think any one of us would have done the same thing if we were her. I mean it was just a stupid picture, and is that really all she won?

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