Christina Looking Good, Acting Friendly En Route To SNL

Contributed by adamsgirl69: knows a celebrity limo driver in California who had the pleasure of picking up and driving Christina Aguilera to the airport for her filming of Saturday Night Live, with Ricky Minor. Here is his account: “I picked up Ricky Minor at his house…. brand new, no landscaping yet. He was very, very nice. He was with Whitney Houston for nearly 20 years and produced the Diva show from Vegas. Christina was late, very late. The jet left without her after waiting 2 hours. I picked her up and she met a second plane (both were private jets) out of Van Nuys airport. She gave me an autograph for my daughter. She seems to have added some meat to her bones. She looked good, very relaxed, friendly, in a great mood. She had an assistant with her who carried her luggage, mostly garment bags that HAD to be laid out straight. No makeup, hair not done. We watched the show. Fantastic musical performances by Christina. Both songs were awesomely done.”

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