Christina Milian Injured On Jessica Simpson’s ‘Public Affair’ Video Shoot

Christina Milian checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@christinamilian) on Saturday (July 1), revealing that she was injured by Eva Longoria on the set of Jessica Simpson’s new video ‘A Public Affair’.

“My nose hurts.. LOL, did I tell y’all on the set of the Jessica video I was doing this little arm wave thing with Eva L. and by accident her hand hit me so hard in the nose,” Milian writes. “LOL, I have never felt anything like that in my life. Thank God I handle pain well. But for real, it hurt so bad! I thought my nose was gone bleed or was broken but it was straight. Just had a lil bump on the side but only I could tell. But for real, I blow my nose the wrong way and it feels like its happened all over again! Ha ha, have any of y’all broke ya nose before? That’s gotta be crazy! Anyway, her and I laughed and fell our butts on the floor when it happened cause we were on skates… My eyes just started pouring out tears!!! So yeah, I’m hoping they didn’t catch that one on tape.. not to sexy! LOL!”

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