Christina Aguilera Proves Once Again..

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The first thing I would like to mention is that I have purchased Back to Basics, and the album is absolutely incredible. I have been listening carefully to each song, from disc 1 and disc 2. There is no over-singing, (and if there is *to some people* it’s far less than Stripped). Every song is packed with energy, and realness. I have enjoyed the CD for one day, and I’m sure I’ll still be enjoying it 4 or 5 years from now.

I’ve recently been reading some stories on Christina and Scott Storch. My opinion is that he’s so unprofessional. I read a story of where he’s dissing Christina for having “fillers, over-singing”. It’s so stupid how now that he doesn’t work with her he has to talk crap about her work. He also stated that he “sold her millions of albums, and obviously she cares more about him not working on the CD than he does” How pathetic is that..? He’s the one responding to her statements. If he really didn’t care, then why is he giving his comments.

Every artist has the right to express themselves and Christina does it in her own way & when she does what happens..? People start talking garbage. Sure he helped her with Stripped and the album sold millions of records and established her as a true artist. BUT! That does not mean HE was the one that sold her the albums. Christina is the one who co-wrote every single song on that entire album. Without Christina’s voice and style, Stripped would have been nothing. Does he actually think that Stripped would have sold as many copies as it did if the album had say? Paris’ vocals..? Or Britney’s..?

I am not dissing Paris or Britney, all I’m trying to point out is that Christina’s voice and style, and persona really have a lot to do with the album’s success. I am also stating here that I’m a huge fan of Christina’s. I loved all songs on Stripped, sure they didn’t all go to number 1, and some didn’t even go to top 10. They were all good indeed. So where is the success in the songs… that Scott Storch seems to claim..? The ONLY track to have gone platinum and earned her a GRAMMY was “Beautiful” which we ALL know was produced by Linda Perry. All Scott Storch is trying to do is take credit for Christina’s success. The only reason why he’s even semi famous now, is because of Christina.

Christina is always putting those producers in headlines and making them be noticed. Just like she’s done with Linda Perry, DJ Premier. Not to say that they don’t have their own talents and success stories, but ultimately Christina is the one that raises them to stardom. Back to Basics has proved once again that Christina is here to stay, and that she is by far the most talented and upfront singer of her generation. No matter what she does it always seems that she always has people talking crap about her, one way or another. & of course, she is the one with the Longest, most powerful, laugh in the end.

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