Christina Sticks Her Tongue Down Britney’s Throat

Today on CD:UK, they showed a short interview with Britney Spears which was recorded last week at Riverside Studio’s when she performed on the show.

Britney revealed that she was at a club and Christina Aguilera came up to her and kissed her. “I was in a club, and she just came up to me and stuck her tongue down my throat. I was like hello! I haven’t seen you in a while, but hi!”

Britney also said her mom liked the Madonna kiss, but she hasn’t spoken to her dad about it since it happened because it’s a weird thing to talk about with her dad.

They also showed her thoughts on her ex Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’. Britney said she was shocked but didn’t want to judge anyone. “But you live and learn.”

They also reviewed ‘Me Against The Music’ on Hotshots, and the panel was Alicia Keys, Ronan Keating, and Holly Valance.

Alicia Keys said she thought the duet was a dream collaboration for Britney, but if she was honest she thought it was more of a business decision than love of the music. Alicia liked the song and said it was cool, although she wouldn’t kiss Madonna to get publicity because she wants the music to speak for itself.

Ronan Keating said it’s a great song with two superstars from different generations and the video was really good. He said Madonna had always admired Britney what with the whole “Britney Spears” T-shirt and it’s cool they worked together.

Holly Valance said she liked how ‘Me Against The Music’ is a typical Britney song, but it is a bit older and cooler than Britney’s older stuff. Holly said Britney hasn’t gone too far or in a totally opposite direction from before but has matured, which is a good thing. She said “I love it.”

Other Britney mentions I can think of were that Holly Valance was a little starstruck when she met Britney at a party.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Sticks Her Tongue Down Britney’s Throat

  1. GymnastDude182 says:

    Christina just can’t get enough Britney…who can blame her

  2. XtinaFan says:

    I just read an article that said Britney has a throat infection….now I know where she got it from. Ew. Anyway…I told you Christina fans that Christina is a lesbian, lol. Such denial.

  3. Aires323 says:

    I knew this was going to turn negative somehow. Christina and Britney aren’t the ones who have a problem with each other. Why can’t some of you let that go?

  4. XtinaFan says:

    I wasn’t turning it negative. I just made a joke about the throat infection fake article, and then I said that Christina is a lesbian, which she is. Her fans can’t accept that, I’ve been telling them that for a year.

  5. stan says:

    Aires323: Yes. Christina and Britney has no blood over each other. Only sickos fan like XtinaFan( who claimed to be a Christina fan but nobody believes her anyway) would post such things. I wonder why Musicman didn’t ban that bitch from Popdirt. FYI, Christina is not a lesbian. The only lesbian in here is the one who submitted this post. That is you XtinaHater. (oops I mean XtinaFan) Britney fans, don’t listen to this sicko.

  6. breez says:

    The thing about Christina is she is comfortable with her sexuality – therefore she can do crazy things like kiss a woman and not give a damn that sickos like XtinaFan will call her a lesbian. She knows the truth. And she loves to shock and stir them up. Good for her. Britney, on the other hand, is always paranoid that people will hate her. She has no self-confidence, and tries too hard to be cool.

  7. XtinaFan says:

    But I guess you Christina fans are just in denial of her being a lesbian…LMAO. haven’t you seen the pic of her kissing Pamela Anderson? she IS a lesbian.

    oh, by the way. I wonder if Christina realizes that this is sexual abuse. Britney obviously didn’t want her to do that, she can sue Christina if she wants to.

  8. Cicero says:

    If a man had done that to Britney, it would be sexual assault. But if a woman does it, then it’s fine? Yeah, who is playing up the double standards now, Christina? That was inappropriate, and pretty obviously done for publicity. Who goes around Frenching their friends? Ugh. Not Christina’s proudest moment. She’s had great moments, but this is not one of them at all. This isn’t sexual freedom; this is sexual HYPOCRISY.

  9. xtinarox says:

    plus. If she really is a lesbian, she will really speak up because she isn’t afraid of that kinda sucks.. But of course she isn’t a lesbian..she has the courage to speak up what’s in her mind..something that some celebs cant.

  10. XtinaFan says:

    Cicero – I doubt Christina did this for publicity. If she did, she would be talking about it in a bunch of interviews. Besides, if she did it for publicity, she’d only do it if there were cameras around. There weren’t any cameras. This wasn’t even reported by journalists or anything. She did it because she couldn’t resist Britney. Christina has no self-control. and stan, how many times do I have to tell you that Britney DID say this? I mean, alright, if it was from The Sun, a written interview, then don’t believe it…it’s obviously fake. but Britney said this on TV. it’s a REAL interview, many people on the Britney forums saw it with their own eyes. idiot.

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