Christina Aguilera’s Latest Is ‘Basic’ But In No Way Standard

Christina Aguilera 'Back To Basics' album cover

Contributed anonymously:

Disc two of Christina Aguilera’s “Back to Basics” album is beyond any established standard or criteria for pop music.

The Moulin Rouge-tinged, circus opening is an audio extravaganza that spills seamlessly and theatrically into the first song of the second disc. From there Chris soars into “Candyman,” a vintage, bubblegum riot of a track, which even the most musical elitist of individuals will find hard to resist. The song simply takes you to another world!

Track 3 is where the finger-snappin and boot-tappin liveliness gives way to more heartfelt, drama-filled ballads sung to the hilt by Aguilera. Producer Linda Perry’s genius is apparent on the second disc as the incoherent artsiness of the songs is held together by only one consistent medium: Christina’s esophagus-ripping vocals. Well sung as the cuts are, the CD loses a lot of steam, even as it becomes more beautiful, when it slows down.

Disc one has a smooth groove and thumping beats, but is as forgettable as Aguilera’s last hair color. As other reviewers have complained, I can testify that it is indeed over self-indulgent. The so-called “Thank You” track is almost laughable with Aguilera’s assumption of self-importance and its lack of sincerity. It sounds less like she wants to tributize and more like she wants to be thanked herself. “Ain’t No Other Man” shines on the first disc and goes on to be the best of the first group of songs-by far. In fact ANOM should have been swapped to the second disc along with the “Pray” song, and Chris would have a bona fide pop, throwback masterpiece on her tiny hands.

“Back to Basic” is too long, as was “Stripped.” There are frankly some filler songs that needed to be either re-vamped or axed altogether in order for the album to have a bigger, more immediate impact. Someone in Aguilera’s camp should have made mention of this.

Naysayers may claim that Aguilera’s ambition to make an album worthy of the classic artists she admires is well beyond her ability. They are wrong. Christina has a voice so strong and vital and raw that, at times, it sounds utterly un-human. With such an impressive vocal register, she has a sound that can transcend the ages. I say this b/c it will be at least an Age before we hear anyone with a fraction of her natural born 808, lung power. The perfection and timelessness Aguilera seeks is within her grasp…she just needs to learn when to stop.

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6 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Latest Is ‘Basic’ But In No Way Standard

  1. ScorpionMan says:

    I think she has pulled it off well, and what that means is she now has a sound distinctive to her which can’t be said for alot of other artists her age. One bad thing about the album is there are few up-tempo, and too many ballads and mid-tempo cuts. And as for future singles, I think she could be one of the few pop artists to survive the urban domination of the U.S music industry, most of the songs would be welcomed at r’n’b and top 40 stations. Congrats Baby Jane!’

  2. weebongo says:

    Chris’s album is only $11.88 on, that’s less then $6 a disc. The album sounds like a real torturous listen, must be why it’s so cheap.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Personally I didn’t like the album as a whole. Christina oversings everything, and seems to be giving a shout out at herself than at the legends that she’s trying to emulate. She has a great voice, but seriously, I’m tired of her showing off how loud, long, and high she can hold a note in pretty much every song. It’s not soulful, inspiring, or impressive, it’s just annoying and self-centered.

  4. christinafan says:

    The album is already proving to be a smash its already 1 in four countries number one on itunes and Amazons list of top selling albums in America plus she has 4 vma nominations for Ain’t No Other Man and Aint No Other Man has spent 14 days at number one on TRL plus shes has had a couple tv specials on MTV and many guest appearances on Good Morning America TRl David Letterman airing tonight and more. Shes also graced the cover of Rolling Stone, Allure Seventeen, GQ USA and GQ UK. Playboy has offered her more than any other pop star to appear on there cover which she hased turned down and shes receiving major props from Justin Timberlake who called her the best singer of his generation! She also will be performing her second single at the vmas which I hope will be Hurt which is a amazing power ballad similar to Beautiful. Her newly modified official site is wonderful ect ect ect I could go on on but the fact is that shes proving all the haters wrong with this album including some from popdirt such as Lava RPL(Which hasn’t been on hear in God knows how long ever since the success of Ain’t No Other Man) Spice Squirrel Shanice Divinah and Mimi4life. Whether you like her or not you have to admit that the album is amazing!

    I know this is off topic but Popdirt has become boring’, ‘whatever happened to the good heated debates ect ect whatever happened to Ses, Popfan , KAustin celeb8 RPL Shanice I hunt Brittards Lava EdwardAlex ect ect we all need to come back!

  5. CELEBR8 says:

    I am here, I just can’t say anything bad about the girl. I think she has’, ‘an amazing voice & she can work a crowd. I haven’t heard anything from B2B except for the 1st single, but I am buying this album tomorrow. I wanted to do what I did with COAD and wait til I actually have the album in my hands to hear it.

    I heard 2/3 of the people that attended Mimis show in Toronto left half way’, ‘thru & even booed or Laughed (not sure)….explains the agression toward Madonna fans. They must really be pissed because with almost 6 million sold in the US & 95 million sold WW, people just don’t have no interest in her outside their car.

  6. christinafan says:

    its definitely worth the 15 dollars my favorite track is Here To Stay->’, ‘other great songs are Hurt and Still Dirrty I also love the into its amazing! I also like makes me wanna pray! Slow Down Baby is awesome and Oh Mother is cool too. I don’t like Nasty Naughty Boy

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