Christmas In Mexico For Annie?

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Sunday (December 14), discussing possible Christmas plans in Mexico and her next single. The Norwegian pop singer tells readers:

How are you? I’m home in Berlin, trying to get flights to Mexico, thinking of going there for Christmas. Haven’t found the perfect tickets yet, and as always.. I’m late. But hopefully, I’ll be going to Mexico in not too long time… yeah:-) Been to Mexico ones before. Was great. And I miss swimming, and not freezing.

So either I’ll be in Mexico, dancing, having some tequila and eating too many burritos on Christmas eve, or I’ll go and see my family in Bergen, freezing, but eating some great food, hmmmmmm. And of course.. always nice to meet my mother, and little Joey girl (my cat… for all of you who did not know)

Been working a lot on getting the sleeve ready for my next single… it’s a great designer who’s living in Berlin that’s gonne do it, so mailing him all kinds of ideas, pix etc… so exited bout Ánthonio… I’m also preparing another single that will be out close to Ánthonio.., so for next year I’ll release records as often as possible, music for your ears. oh yeah.

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