Claims Of Carter Being Sentenced To Rehab Are False

A press release issued Wednesday indicates star pled guilty to driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or greater, and the larger charge of a DUI (driving under the influence) was dismissed. The guilty charge comes with state required minimum of 3 years probation, a small fine, 90 day restricted drivers license and a required three month alcohol program which can be fulfilled upon completion of his current tour with Backstreet’s new album, ‘Never Gone.’ “Reports of Nick being ordered to rehab are completely false and misleading, the sentence he received was the California State required minimums given to anyone found guilty of this charge,” said publicist Juliette Harris, “we are grateful to his legal team, the court and District Attorney. His required fulfillment of the alcohol program will not interfere with Backstreet Boy’s current touring and promotions of the new album.” The release concludes that Carter regrets his mistake and looks forward to fulfilling his requirements and putting this incident behind him and that he’s thankful to his fans for standing by him and the Backstreet Boys.

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One thought on “Claims Of Carter Being Sentenced To Rehab Are False

  1. CarterGirl769 says:

    Paris Hilton should be sent to rehab! Nick is awesome, and hot.

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