Clarkson Surprised By Aguilera’s Credit On ‘Miss Independent’

’ champ tells that she didn’t even know had contributed to her hit song ‘Miss Independent’ until the album was almost finished. “To be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea what she wrote on that song,” Clarkson said. “I found out she wrote on some part of it, like, after it was even on my CD. I kinda asked before, I said, ‘You know, this kinda has her spirit to it, you know, this sounds a little like Christina Aguilera,’ and everybody was just like, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ But I didn’t actually know she wrote it until afterwards, so it was a surprise but, I mean, a good surprise. She’s a phenomenal writer, [a] phenomenal performer.”

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8 thoughts on “Clarkson Surprised By Aguilera’s Credit On ‘Miss Independent’

  1. leodude666 says:

    I remember when I first heard it I thought it had a xtina-edge to it and then a few weeks ago I found out Christina co-wrote it so I thought that was funny…I don’t really believe that she didn’t know that Christina co-wrote ‘Miss Independent”…I mean she would be really stupid because when you get a demo it says the name of the writers on the tape/cd/etc.

  2. HoneyRain says:

    it just shows how shady the biz can be.. a producer gave that song to Clarkson’s producers without Christina’s permission.. even Shelly said that.. I’m glad Kelly recognizes that Christina contributed to it.

  3. ChicaXO says:

    I highly doubt that Kelly’s producers didn’t get Xtina’s permission to sing that song! There would have been a major law~suit that we all would’ve heard about! ~XO

  4. stan says:

    It’s good to know that Kelly Clarkson Looks up to her. Y’know, Kelly and Christina would be a perfect duet together because they have *the greatest voice* of the generation. No wonder Kelly recognized the Christina spirit in the song because it was obvious. And Kelly is right about one thing *XTINA IS A PHENOMENAL WRITER AND PERFORMER*. That’s why Kelly posted : “Hey guys, I can’t believe I’m nominated for 3 VMA this year. And I can’t wait to see Christina and Coldplay perform” Luv ya and God bless, Kelly Christina rocks

  5. Britney4ever says:

    maybe good writer and singer, but not phenomenal performer, that’s just my opinion! anyway I like that song, but the video was bad lol

  6. HoneyRain says:

    you are not LISTENING hon.. I said one of Christina’s producers gave it to one of Kelly’s producers.. therefore.. no lawsuit possible.. but he did so WITHOUT Christina’s permission. we can’t deny what Shelly herself stated.

    it’s sad that people comment more on Britney’s appearance and dancing rather than her vocal talent and music (which is what singing is SUPPOSE to be about) you all may hate Christina for “acting like a whore” and not having a 6 pack but the EXPERTS behind the Grammys, Billboard music awards, AMAs, and world music awards sure love her!

  7. HoneyRain says:

    Ooh.. I thought miss Britney4ever didn’t bash Christina.. she only gave “opinions”.. looks like you are no better than the rest of us. I don’t blame you tho.. I’d be bitter if my fave pop star had zero musical/vocal talent too.

  8. VOLCOMchik says:

    Yeah they can both sing well, but to be honest, I can’t picture Christina’s voice on the song. It fits Kelly better.

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