Clay Aiken Gets A Surprise From Clive Davis

Legendary record producer Clive Davis surprised ‘American Idol’ runner-up on ‘Good Morning America’ and presented him with a plaque that is double platinum after his new album ‘Measure of a Man’ sold over 600,000 copies in its first week. The flattered Aiken expressed his gratitude: “Every single day and every single thing that happens to me gets bigger and better than the last thing!” Davis said, “It’s an extraordinary thing when the public really has not only loved his music, but has rushed out at these unprecedented numbers to want to own his CD.” Aiken added, “I’m baffled at why people are so interested, but it’s fun to be me right now!”

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Gets A Surprise From Clive Davis

  1. babet says:

    Your 15 minutes will soon be up. pretty soon you’ll be doing gay tracks for Disney movies like Phil Collins.. That’s where your career is gonna end up if you don’t stop all those sappy ballads.

    Clive meeting Clay… Clive: SURPRISE! you have just been dropped from the label. Clay: gosh darn it… I guess its another season of American idol for me the people: ………..{no one cares}

  2. muzik_luver says:

    Don’t take anything from that man!! Clive Davis is evil!!!!!!!!! He’ll ruin you Clay!!! Bring back O-Town!

  3. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I was gonna put ‘why is he getting a double platinum award when it’s just over gold, but then I re-read it. Still, shouldn’t the plaque be…gold…?

  4. KaosLover10 says:

    No. When the stores run out they have to buy more CD’s to sell. So, the amount that the stores had to buy from RCA was 2 million, making it double platinum.

  5. Stallion says:

    Clive Davis is responsible for Whitney Houston Aretha Franklin Alica Keys Bruce Springsteen and you call him evil because he rid of O-town because their 15 minutes of fame was over. Give me a break Clive Davis is the man the myth the legend. Don’t hate because on him because O-town second album did poorly

  6. muzik_luver says:

    Clive Davis is an ass period. He doesn’t support his artists…why the hell would you sign an artist or band, put a ton of money into them and not support them?? That’s pretty crappy if you ask me. O-Town has real talent. Have you ever seen Making the band (the original)??? If you have then you would understand where I am coming from. O-Town tried and tried to get Clive to listen to them and let them write their own material for their album. He wouldn’t let them!! He is an ass!! He doesn’t know good music!! He is just an old man who sits behind a desk and refuses to let the artists/bands do their own damn music!

  7. Stallion says:

    We all know how shady the music business came be something that O-town had to find out the hard way. Can they come back with a hit album only time will tell.

  8. clayfan says:

    Clive Davis discovered Alicia Keys too … and he let her record her own material, because it was good. Just because someone attempts to write a song doesn’t mean the song is worth a crap. A song needs to be commercial for a record company to want to release it. Just because O-Town wanted to write their own songs doesn’t mean the songs were good enough for release.

  9. clayfan says:

    GO CLAY!! Clay deserves every bit of his success. Just because few people on love Clay doesn’t mean he’s a loser. He sold more than 600,000 CD’s in one week — that’s hardly loser numbers. Get over yourselves.

  10. muzik_luver says:

    Alicia who??? where the hell has she been for the past 2 almost 3 years????????? NOWHERE!! She’s a one hit wonder…she’s over…no one remembers or cares about her anymore!

    oh yeah and as far as O-Towns unreleased songs not being good enough for release….ask any O-Town fan…those are the best songs!! ‘American Game’ was one of the songs O-Town REALLY wanted on the album and Clive didn’t “think it would be a hit” and its one of the most downloaded songs by O-Town…they performed it in concert and everyone loves it!!!! Clive doesn’t know crap.

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