Clay Aiken Not Happy With CNN For Florida A&M Hazing Victim Reporting

checked in with his Twitter followers (@clayaiken) earlier today while watching CNN, unhappy with the network playing up the revelation by the parents of Florida A&M University drum major Robert Champion that he was gay. Champion died after being beaten severely during a hazing attack in Orlando last semester. The ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up posted a pair of Tweets directed at Brooke Baldwin, who teased the revelation that Aiken viewed as tabloid journalism. The family attorney Christopher Chestnut said during a news conference that an investigation showed “This was hazing, not a hate crime.” Aiken writes:

@BrookeBCNN The parents of FAMU student R clearly trying 2 not let his legacy 2B defined by sexuality. Stop making that the story! :-(

@BrookeBCNN Big fan. Fellow Tarheel. Watch everyday.. But that teaser about them “making a major revelation” was tabloid and unfair. :-(

For the record… @BrookeBCNN is one of my fave CNN anchors, for sure. (along with @FWhitfield, who I LOVE) Just disappointed today.

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Not Happy With CNN For Florida A&M Hazing Victim Reporting

  1. gidge says:

    I agree with Clay Aiken’s assessment of the CNN tease. It is ashamed for people and families that have been the victim of a crime to be subjected to
    sanctioned ‘bullying’ of TV news reporters that tantalize in order to get ratings. And they all do it. I wonder if they feel a little smaller as a person when the words proceed out of their mouths.
    Ah, we are a tabloid nation. But then you already know that.

  2. ari says:

    I agree with Clay. Unless this WAS a hate crime and he was murdered because OF his sexuality and the point of the interview is to make people aware of hate crimes against gay individual and to fight against that hatred, it should not even be mentioned! at ALL!

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