Clay Aiken On WBLI

‘American Idol’ runner-up was featured on an interview with WBLI in Long Island, where he talked about his affiliation with the new Wachovia financial center in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza, and his new Bubel-Aiken foundation account with the bank. He also talked about his hit single ‘This Is The Night’, the ‘Idol’ tour, and his forthcoming debut album, which he called “very much me.”

The short interview’s audio at has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken On WBLI

  1. clayfan says:

    Is Clay the most caring person, or what?! What an incredible person. Hey Wanejessicaso-so-STUPID-and-def: You should curb your nasty, unwarranted, rude Clay comments. Clay is starting a foundation to help people just like you — the mentally retarded — people like YOU. You should kiss the ground Clay walks upon.

  2. phantom says:

    ***** OFF Christina Dirrty Clay gives a damn about people deservedly who need help. which is more than can be said about YOU bashers who piss away time smashing him and for absolutely convoluted reasons.

  3. Tig says:

    From Looking at clay and his face full of make-up, I have come to one conclusion….these teeny-boppers are just plain stupid….It’s evident that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body. Get over it. Soon he’ll be dressing up as Madonna.

  4. buttons says:

    If you ever took the time to see Clay off TV he never wears makeup. He is very pale and has to for TV. In fact, in most of his interviews he doesn’t even spike his hair – very boy next door looking, but an expert like you on dressing as a woman wouldn’t check it out. Clay is a guy any woman would be happy to get. He’s talented, caring, and real.

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