Clay Aiken Reacts To Press Coverage Of In-Flight Incident

‘American Idol’ season two runner-up has posted the following message at his official fan club site in reaction to media coverage of his in-flight incident over the weekend:

Slow news day…

Well, I think the title of this blog is QUITE an understatement!

Never mind the children of Afghanistan, who got ZERO help from the media after UNICEF appealed for interest in that story.

Thank God for Entertainment Tonight! They were the only major outlet at all to care about the needs of those kids!If I were the desperate and threatened children of northern Uganda, who also have gotten almost no attention from the press (again, with the same exception of ET), I would be upset and dismayed that a stupid celebrity non-story is the top story on most news sites today. Meanwhile, at this very moment in northern Uganda, over forty thousand children are sleeping in city streets to protect themselves from being raped and tortured, yet no one mentions them.

Then again, as much as the media seems to screw up the actual facts in a situation, maybe they’re better off anyway.

Clay Aiken’s In-Flight Trouble

July 8, 2007 – has images of ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up and the passenger he got in a scuffle with en route to Tulsa International Airport. “We got a call from the Captain who said the Clay was being ‘bothered’ by a fan,” the tipster said. “This was while the flight was still in the air. When the flight landed, the FBI was called because the flight attendant had said that Mr. Aiken was belligerent. All passengers were questioned. We heard nothing of a passenger who assaulted Mr. Aiken. In fact, it was Mr. Aiken and his ego that had the crew concerned and the Captain wanted the police at the gate on arrival into Tulsa. The woman in the picture is the supposed fan who bothered Mr. Aiken. Doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly.” Read more and check out the images here.

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