Clay Aiken Visits TRL

Clay Aiken visited MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to chat about his post ‘American Idol’ fame and perform his new single ‘Invisible’. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: Give it up for Clay Aiken.

[ Cheers and applause ] What’s up? Great to have you on the show. How you doing?

Clay: I’m okay.

TRL: Good. So at the time when you lost the “American Idol” competition, where did you think you’d be right now?

Clay: I thought I’d be home.

TRL: Broke?

Clay: Yeah. No job. Maybe going to — maybe going back to school and teaching. We had a good run on the show and I think that we both kind of assumed that that last night we would have a little bit of success. I didn’t expect it to be anything like this though. This has been pretty big.

TRL: And the reality of it, you have won a fan choice award. I should congratulate you on that.

Clay: Thank you very much.

TRL: What do you think it is about your music that has people feeling a strong connection to it?

Clay: I don’t know.

TRL: Winking into the camera?

Clay: You know, I’m not really sure. I’m flattered to have the opportunity. I think the “American Idol” gives the American people who with they want to listen to. People buy into what we have done.

TRL: Yeah. This past year has been absolutely crazy for you, I’m sure. Is there one moment that sticks out as the best one?

Clay: You know, I think it has to be the two times that I have been home to my hometown. I haven’t been home that much since the show even started. The tour went through Raleigh and i got to sing for my hometown. That was really great. Then I went back this weekend and was the grand marshal of the Christmas parade in town. It was something I grew up with. It was nice to see the people I grew up around.

TRL: And —

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Having panties and bras thrown at the stage is nice too?

Clay: That’s not bad.

TRL: There are a lot of ladies who are curious. Wanting to know the status right now. Are you single or linked with somebody?

Clay: They keep me too busy to do anything other than be single. I’m
on the lookout.

TRL: Ladies? I think you’re going to get mauled as soon as you leave the stage. “Measure of a Man” has been out for a month now. It has done real well, especially “Invisible.” Have you thought of the next single?

Clay: There are a number of them. “I’ll carry you” and “away” are two of my favorites. I’m not sure which one will make it to the next single. We’ve still hoping that “Invisible” lasts for a little longer. We’ll see what happens in the new year.

TRL: Yeah. We’ll try to retire that around here. Look forward to the new video. We’re going to get you to perform “Invisible” on this stage right here. So hang around for that

Clay Aiken Visits ‘Fox & Friends’

November 25, 2003 – ‘American Idol’ runner-up Clay Aiken discussed ‘An American Idol Christmas’ show and album, and his own new album ‘Measure of a Man’ in an interview with the Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox & Friends’ program. Clay also talked about ‘Idol’ champ Ruben Studdard and joked a bit about his spikey hair. has since removed the video.

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